Thursday, April 16, 2015

Making Progress

Yes, I'm doing well both in my quilting projects as well as in my knee healing.  First--to get it out of the way--my knee is healing very well and the PT that everyone warned me would be very painful is coming along well too. And for once," everyone" was right--it HURTS to do those exercises!  Damn! But it has to be done--no pain, no gain, right?

In the quilting arena, I have finished the binding and have washed the yellow Chunky Churn Dash quilt here:   

It looked very nice when it was spread out on my bed but now it's folded and ready for May's guild meeting, Guest Night, where the guests will judge the best of show of these Churn Dash quilts.  No prize--just bragging rights!

And I finished the binding on the set of 4 red placemats I made for Jo and they are now on her table, ready to be used. I guess Don and I will have to drive over there soon so she can give us dinner and a chance to use the new placemats.  

Tomorrow I get to visit with the doc and have the stitches removed so hopefully I'll be a bit more mobile than I have been.  I have been outside to watch Don do all the yard work--with no complaints either!  And, he's doing all the cooking and housework too, again with no complaints!  I'm very lucky to have found him and kept him these past 43 years.  I knew he's come in handy one day (she said with a smile on her face!).

Next up is to begin work on the embroidery project.  I think I'll try to get the threads organized today and take the first stitches. This project looks so great in the pattern photo, I'm a little intimidated by it, thinking I may mess it up.  Well, keep reminding myself, it's only thread, I can take it out if there are too many mistakes, right?

Hope you all have a great day ahead.  Tell me about it if you have a chance.

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