Friday, April 22, 2016

I've become a Farmer's Wife

No, I haven't obtained a new farming husband, but yesterday, I tackled "The Farmer's Wife."  Last fall, the guild offered The Farmer's Wife (FW) as a quilt along, and I liked the little blocks so much that I decided to get the book and try my hand at it.

In my head, I was thinking, "I can skip the paper piecing and make these blocks by cutting and sewing them as I always do. Just a matter of measuring accurately, and maybe even using the templates."

As you may or may not know, paper piecing is my absolute least favorite quilting technique.  I've tried it a number of times with less than even good results. I'd vowed to never, Never, NEVER do paper piecing again.

Ha!  What a joke!  A week ago I sat down to make up one of the blocks and I soon realized that the patterns hadn't printed out at 100% and so weren't the right size.  Oh dear!  The only option I had--since I'm a dunce with the computer and likely couldn't figure out how to get the patterns to print at 100%--was to go with the paper piecing. (Insert growling, gnashing of teeth, and tearing out of hair here.)

Yesterday afternoon I had uninterrupted time which I spent working on FW blocks.  At the end of 5 1/2 hours, I had to go get dinner on the table and had to leave my project.  What did I accomplish in all that time?  Here they are! Strings and all!

Indeed, I'd finished 4 of the blocks--with 95 more to go!  Yikes! Keep in mind these are 6 1/2" unfinished blocks.  So, little tiny pieces!  And these 4 are some of the simpler ones that I chose to begin with.  

I've accumulated so much Civil War repro fabric and have so little 30's repro fabric that I decided to use up some of the Civil War stuff.  I like the way they look, and even though it took quite a bit of time to accomplish this, I enjoyed working on them and will make more. Maybe not all 99 of them, but some at least.

Today, I'm on the road to see a couple of friends and to visit a couple of my favorite quilt shops. I need to take a break from paper piecing!

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  1. They look really good. I need to get back to my FW blocks. just haven't found the time.