Sunday, April 3, 2016

Quilt show results

I had delivered my Farmhouse Flowers to the quilt show in Rice Lake on Friday afternoon and in my mind, I made a plan to return the next day between 2 and 3 to see the show and to be there at the end to pick up my quilt.  The plan worked just great except I was a little late leaving home to get to the show at the time I'd planned. I arrived at 3:17 to find people carrying things out to their vehicles in the parking lot.

What's with that, I says to myself?  When I went inside, there were people all over the show room, taking down the quilts.  Turns out, the show ended at 3 pm, not the 4 or 5 pm that I'd expected.  Oh well, I got to see a few quilts before I turned a corner and spotted mine still hanging. I asked for the judges' comments and got my second lesson of the day. No judging at this show.  They only asked for viewer's choice voting.  So, I took my quilt and went back home.

I am quite disappointed today.  I'd planned all year to enter in this show as I had done about 5 years ago and I was looking forward to getting the judges' comments. On my previous entry, there had been comments, so I expected the same now.  Someone at the show explained that there was a group who felt strongly that there should be no judging at this show so that's what they do now.

So this means that I'm going to have to find other shows where there is judging in order to get the feedback I'm wanting and needing.  In the meantime, I've hung the Farmhouse Flowers in the living room where it'll stay for the summer.

Now, on to finishing some bits and pieces of WIPs that have been calling to me, and then to kit up several projects to bring with me to quilt retreat this weekend.

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