Sunday, September 19, 2010

Goodbye Facebook

My daughter was at the house today and she helped me "deactivate" my Facebook account. She made me promise to never complain about Facebook again. I noticed that my account isn't deleted but only "deactivated." So, I guess it'll be there forever--I'll never get rid of it as long as I live. Wow, I think that's as close to immortality that I'll ever get!

I decided to get a Facebook account last winter since everyone else seems to have one and I thought I'd try it out. The problem is that I simply found the whole experience way too invasive of my personal space--it was too creepy when I got hundreds of emails from people I've never heard of, asking me to be their friend. That was just the first day! Yikes! I've never been that popular in the "real"world but suddenly I was the most popular girl in the class--virtually speaking! Occasionally I'd go to my wall and read all the one line comments my "friends" had made and I kept thinking, "Why would you ever think I care about that?" And I saw pix and read entries from my kids that I really don't think I need to see and read! When I was their age, everything I did I kept secret from my Mom!

No. Facebook just did not connect with me. Must be a generational thing--Couldn't possibly be my attitude, could it?


  1. Good for you. I also deactivated mine about 2 months ago and am so glad I did. I understand about the kids and somethings as parents we just don't want to know as my parents didn't want to know what I was up to. I sure don't miss it.

  2. I rarely write on my page but I make occasional comments. If I weren't on there I'd never see Kevin's pictures - or ones that his friends put up. I don't have a large circle that I follow - good thing, because some of it is so inane! I really don't care if you're having a cup of coffee! I'll stay on, though.

  3. I had a friend say it best when people tell her to get a facebook page she said - "I don't care what you had for breakfast!" I don't have one but everyone says I should get one - why - I don't want anyone to know about my dog's gastrointestinal system or what the cat found in the woods and left for me on the door step. Although I guess that would be better than some of the posts I have heard about. For now I am staying out of it. Seems like people my age are also getting into "trouble" on there and connecting with old girlfriends or boyfriends - I loved college and my 20's and 30's but it's my past and I don't need it popping into my present thank you! Best, Lisa

  4. I have to admit I have two Facebook accounts. It started off simply enough, then I started to play Farmville. Of course you need neighbours to play Farmville so I ended up with a lot of people I didn't know as neighbours. My daughter showed me how to make lists and everyone I don't know went on a "Limited Profile" list. That means all they could see was my profile page not any of my posts. Then I realized that I didn't want any of my family stuff getting on there, pictures etc. - just in case it went public. So I got a second account that is just family and friends I know. I never post anything personal on my Farmville account and I don't have any photos on there at all. No, you can't cancel the account which isn't right IMO. But if you have any photos on there you should either go on and make everyone you don't know Limited Profile or remove your photos. You can also block people so they can't get to your page anymore. Then deactivate it again.