Wednesday, September 8, 2010

School Dresses

Monday and Tuesday I spent sewing for Lily. She wanted a couple of school dresses and I talked her into going with jumpers and blouses instead. (I have never enjoyed setting in sleeves so I avoid it whenever I can.) Here are the finished products:

I also spent some time working on that throw I'm making out of the "cake-thing" bundle of squares I bought last week. It's all together now and I've marked the more intricate quilting designs. Just have to prepare a backing and get it pinned together and start quilting.

I usually just free-hand a stiple or meander design or use Golden Threads paper with the design on it. On this one, I decided to mark the top before making the quilt sandwich. Brother, I know why people complain about marking the quilt top! Boring! Tedious! Hard on the Back! Takes waaay too much time! But. . . (and this is important) I think I may end up with a better quilt when I'm done. I'll post when I'm finished and you can be the judge.


  1. Those dresses are adorable, and much more practical because she can wear them with short or long sleeve tops, or without. I'm curious to see your quilting. Did you use a stencil?

  2. Cute dresses - so fun to sew for a little girl. Like Rhoda I am looking forward to seeing your quilt. I have never used the Golden threads paper and am just now getting into marking a quilt top for quilting. What did you use to mark your quilt top? The erasable blue pen? Bernie

  3. P.S. I really liked your Labor Day post - I think a lot of us feel this way. Bernie