Sunday, September 5, 2010

A while ago (last May), I posted this pix of my crappy, chipped, broken-handles dishes and announced that since I had made new placemats, I needed to get new dishes.

Well, I got totally fed up with the cracks, chips, and discolorations the other day and ordered the new ones. They arrived Friday and I love them!

This is a place setting and it comes with this MUG instead of cup and saucer! I'm in heaven!

With the old dishes, my tables linens were restricted to colors that would go with the brown and green stripes. With these creamy white dishes, I can use any colors I like! My mind is a whirling rainbow of ideas for placemats and napkins and table runners and quilts--Oh, My!

Now I have to clear out the old dishes and take them to Goodwill for someone else to use and to make space for these beautiful new ones. I believe we will have a FINE dinner on these plates tonight even if it's just mac and cheese. ;)


  1. Love your new dishes, I also, have a white set for everyday, with mugs, and you are right any colour table dressing you want will work perfect. Enjoy your mac and cheese, even that will look good.

  2. Aren't new dishes thrilling ! What is it about them that makes food taste and look better.

    Oh and I totally agree with your comment that attitude is everything. Stupid people trying to make me feel old....I'm never growing up.

  3. I have off-white dishes, and they go with everything. It's a good choice and I'm glad you like them.