Sunday, March 10, 2013

More about the TS box(es)

I drew the winner of the TS box yesterday--congratulations to Robin who blogs here!  Her box will go in the mail tomorrow morning.

More good news today about the TS boxes.  On Friday morning my post man brought me another TS box, this time from Sharon who blogs here  Thank you, Sharon, for picking my name.

This TS is amazing!  It's chock full of the most wonderful fabrics! I know my camera can't do them justice but I'll do my best.The box is crammed with wonderful things, mostly fabrics but lots of patterns as well. There are many, many fat quarters in the box as well as several pieces of yardage.  The next 3 pictures show what will stay in the box and move on to the next winner.  If you want strawberry or apple fabric, they are in there. Need a bright large print for a stack and whack?  It's here.  How about a fabric with teapots on it or a bright pink polka dot?  These things are waiting for you.

 Choosing what to keep for myself wasn't too difficult since I liked so many of the fabrics. I decided to focus on neutrals to replenish my stash a bit and I chose these things to keep. I know, I know, the green and black dotted prints and the red/ birdhouses aren't neutral but I have projects in my mind where I'll use these.  So you may see these fabrics showing up in future quilts I plan to make.  :-)

 Now I have to decide what I'll choose to put back in the box.  I'm going to take some time doing this and you'll just have to wait a day or two to see what I'm adding from my stash.  :o)

If any one's not familiar with the Traveling Stash, it's a large USPS box that's packed with wonderful quilty items--fabric, patterns, books, notions, orphan blocks, etc--that are of quilt shop quality and are either unused or gently used by the donor. We all have patterns, notions, and fabrics that we bought on impulse a while ago and now know we'll never use them, right?  These are the things that can go into the TS cuz maybe the next winner will just love that bright florescent orange fabric!

I'll be drawing a winner on Friday, March 14 and will send the box on to the winner. All you have to do to participate is to have an active blog where you will post about receiving the TS and again when you pick the winner and send it on it's way; When you win a TS, you can take and keep anything in the box that you like and you have to replace your choices with comparable good quality items.  The TS isn't a "dumping ground" for you to clear out your sewing room!  The "golden rule" applies here--only put things in the box that you would like to receive, okay?

When the winner receives the TS, she/he is to post on their blog and invite comments from people who want to be included in the drawing.  When the winner's name is drawn, you need to post that as well.  Of course, pictures are great to show us what's in the box so we have an idea of what we'll get if we win. There are directions included in the box as well as a paper to sign to keep track of where the box has traveled.

So, if you want a chance to win this beautiful Traveling Stash box, leave a comment on my blog and I'll enter you in the drawing.  Easy peasy, right?


  1. Welll.....I guess I'll go first... I'd LOVE a visit from this box! I blog at You are totally right on... I see lots I'd love to swap around in that box! Thanks for the chance!

  2. Yes, please, I'd like this box to come to my home! Thank you.
    Nancy from joy for grace