Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm worried

about my daughter, Jo, in Kyrgyzstan. The Peace Corps Volunteers have been sequestered again in a "safe place." That's twice in three months. There are rumors of more violence to come--who knows if the rumors are true or not. I've been calling her almost daily and she's quite stressed about the entire situation. At least, she's safe and not at her work site so that's a relief. I just wish things would settle down over there so she and the other volunteers can get back to what they came there to do--assist the local folks and try to make their lives a little better.

My vacation at the lake was wonderful! So peaceful and relaxing. There were about 30 of the extended family at the resort including babies, grannies, and dogs. We had 5 cabins and it was like open house all the time. People coming and going and I loved it. I told my husband that under no circumstances could he go around the cabin in his tidies since people used our cabin as a route from Cabin 5 to Cabin 7 instead of walking around. I even made friends with the dog--and I generally avoid dogs at all costs! It was very hard to have to pack up and go home, but we did and now it's back to the routine.

Gardening has taken priority for me. I'm scheduled for surgery on my knee next week so I want to get all the weeding, planting and transplanting done before that. I know--fat chance! But I can try.

No quilting going on. But I did shop at a wonderful quilt shop in Bemidji while I was gone and picked up some fabric--don't know what I'll make but I liked the patterns and colors. I took some knitting along and worked on that. I'm making a heavy cardigan sweater for myself that will be more like a jacket, I think. I also took along some embroidery and I plan on working on both of those things during my recovery period.

That's what's been happening in my life.


  1. I'm so sorry about your concern for Jo. I know what you mean that if she were calm and unconcerned, so would you be, but if she's upset it upsets you, too.
    I'm glad you had such a good vacation. All those people around is so much fun, but it's probably good to be a little more alone again. Last week before surgery? Are you a little nervous or not?

  2. I would be worried too. I am glad you had a good vacation. And good luck with your knee surgery.