Sunday, June 27, 2010

A view from my front door

We had a damp, drizzly day last week but the clouds broke as evening arrived. I stepped out my front door at dusk to watch the fog settling in among the hills in the distance and this is what I saw:

My house is located in a broad shallow valley created during the last ice age, thousands of years ago. By my calculations, the glaciers stopped right about here--in my backyard literally!--and when the ice melted and the glaciers receded, a lot of rubble was left behind, creating the rolling hills that form the sides of the valley we live in. Every once in awhile, I'll stop what I'm doing and REALLY look around. When you see it every day it's all too easy to overlook the beauty that surrounds us. I guess that's true of too many things--the people that surround us, the things we take for granted until we lose them--electricity, and jobs, for example--the flowers we grow, etc.

My daughter Jo, I think is learning this. Being in Kyrgyzstan, she has seen a bit of how the rest of the world lives and it's not nearly as luxurious as in the US. Things like flush toilets are a luxury as is instant access to electricity, internet and cell phones. She'll feel like she's in heaven when she returns home!

Yesterday, I worked outside almost all day in the garden. Don too, was pulling weeds, etc. so it's starting to look pretty good for a change. Today, a bit of housework, some shopping, and more weeding. Still knitting a few rows every night before I fall asleep--I'll get that sweater done before Christmas, I'm sure. :)


  1. Hey Barb, I weeded all day Saturday and am so sore today! But it does look nice. I agree with you about appreciating what you have - I always think to myself - appreciate it today for tomorrow it may be gone and that applies to people, places and things! Thanks for the nice post and the great picture. Lisa

  2. Beautiful view. We are lucky here in the U.S. aren't we.

  3. Your yard looks wonderful, as does the view. Are your daylillies starting to bloom?