Thursday, January 14, 2016

Clothes for Vera's dolly, Emma

As you may recall from a previous post, I've been making American Girl doll clothes for my friend Barb's granddaughter, Vera. I met Barb yesterday for lunch and I brought all the clothes for her to "shop" through. She was delighted with everything I'd made and ended up purchasing 7 outfits. Apparently Vera has been playing with her doll every day since she arrived for Christmas and has no clothes to change her into. Well, come Sunday when she gets her birthday present, she'll have lots of outfits.  Barb also had purchased several pairs of socks, shoes and boots at JoAnn's--half price even!

I've included pics of the outfits I remembered to take pictures of.  Sorry for the blurry ones, but anyone who's followed this blog for a time knows that my photography skills leave a lot to be desired.  But anyway, you can get the gist of the clothes.

Twirley skirt and Tee

Fuschia wool coat and beret (from a $4 skirt at Goodwill)

Tie dyed Tee to go with a pair of jeans I'd also made

Knitted skirt and white tee

School jumper and blouse
In addition to these outfits, I'd made a pair of pajamas from the pattern I had for Molly's clothes, and I also had made a little pink dress trimmed with tiny pink rick rack--it was very cute.  So now, I think Emma will be one of the best dressed dolls in the house!  Oh, I also picked up a remnant of pale pink fleece and made Emma a little tied fleece throw to snuggle in when she watches a movie with Vera. This was my gift to the little girl who shares the same birthday as me!  

Now I have to work on a couple of outfits for my own granddaughter's doll, Marie Grace.  I'll make a period gown and a couple of modern outfits as well.  

After I finished the doll clothes, I took out my Allietare units and finished all the Echoes of Pisa blocks like this.  

Now I have to finish the alternate block, Allietare Star, like this.

I think I have about 10 of these blocks left to make. Then setting triangles and corner squares and I'll be ready to assemble the quilt top.  Bonnie called for a scalloped border and she used a white gel pen to mark her black border.  I'll have to see if I can find one like hers--the white marking pencil I have really doesn't work very well and I should throw it out.  

What else is on my sewing table?  Well, I've used all my brown scraps to make 3 1/2" 4 patch blocks. I'll alternate them with cream colored blocks and will set them on point for the center of a throw quilt I'm making for my daughter's friend's wedding gift.  The border will be in the cream fabric with single brown diamonds surrounding the center. How much fabric I have will determine if the binding is brown or white.  Jo's coming home this weekend and I'll see how she likes what I've done so far.  

That's it for today. A little vacuuming and dusting are calling to me and then into the sewing room to make the doll clothes for Lily's doll and to work on the Allietare Star blocks.  

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