Friday, January 22, 2016

Not much quilting done yesterday, but I did finish the center of the AAUW quilt that Bonnie and I began this week.  What do you think of our revised Tessellating Stars block?

This is the center of the throw sized quilt.  Instead of placing the 4 sections of  the star blocks together to make the tessellating star, we decided to place them so there is a zigzag design.  We placed a 2" sashing between the rows and I'll add a narrow black border around the entire center. Then I'll make a pieced outer border using the HSTs that I made out of scraps along with more of that brick red fabric.  

Other than assembling this quilt center, I made ready for the Handwork Group which met in the evening at my house.  The group is open to anyone from my guild to come over and work on some hand work--embroidery, knitting, sewing on binding, etc.  Usually 5 or 6 people come over and we take over the living room with the fireplace and have lively conversations while we stitch away.  I always spend more time laughing and giggling than actually stitching!

Last night I worked on taking apart this embroidered Farmhouse Window Sills quilt. This is the picture of the pattern that I used.  

Instead of making multicolored pinwheels in the sashing, I made them all out of the green fabric you can see on the right, and the neutral fabric peeking out in the top right of the pic. The result was that the embroidered blocks didn't stand out--not enough contrast.  

I think these blocks are beautiful and I really want them to be the focus of the quilt. I took one block out and added a narrow flange of turquoise using the same fabric I used for the narrow 1st border. When I put the flanged block back into the quilt, it looked just right!  So last evening, I spent ripping out the other 3 embroidered blocks. Today, my task is to stitch the flanges on them and put them back into the quilt.  Wish me luck that the entire quilt looks better with the flanges inserted!

Before I go to the sewing room, a trip to the grocery store is in the works. Jo's coming today and she want vegetarian "comfort food" for dinner. That used to mean something with mashed potatoes and gravy but now she doesn't eat red meat or poultry and I'm hard put to make gravy out of seafood!  If you know how I can do that, please let me know, okay?  However, I did find veggie balls with pesto sauce and mashed potatoes and onion gravy and that will have to do, along with some veggies and salad.  I'm looking forward to see how the veggie balls taste. If they're good, they'll join my growing collection of vegetarian recipes.

Gotta get going now. Have a wonderful day!  However, if you're in the path of the big storm out east, stay safe and warm,

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