Thursday, January 28, 2016

Last minute quilting jobs

I've been busy all week finishing all the quilting jobs I can before we leave for 5 weeks on the Gulf of Mexico.  First of all, I had to organize the projects I want to take with me. Don will be  golfing nearly every day and I'll be at my sewing machine while he's on the course. So I have to be sure to have enough projects to keep me busy.  Fortunately, I have many, many ideas of quilts to make--it's a matter of organizing them!

I worked on making a cover for my daughter in law's sewing machine which has neither a case nor a cover, poor thing.

 I took strips of scrap fabrics and some of my mountain of selvedge strips and stitched them into a cover. I even found cowboy fabric for the end/side pieces!  I enjoyed making hers so much, I made one for myself as well, but mine has butterfly fabric instead of cowboys.  Here's Erin's:

Here you can make out the strips of selvedge I inserted.  

And here's the cowboy on the end--Hee Haw!

And I wanted to get the center pieced together of the Allietare! quilt from Bonnie Hunter.  She always has a show and tell at her workshops and I want to take this with me for that. I'll also take along the border fabrics so I can get that top finished up while in the South.  I don't know about you but I think this quilt is turning out absolutely beautifully!  In person, it looks like Mediterranean tiles. 

One of the classes I'll be taking with Bonnie is Jared Takes a Wife, one that I've done before at a previous class with Bonnie.  I made it very scrappy and I don't like it very much so I picked out fabrics that I thought would look good. I made a sample block and I like it a lot.  This will be throw sized.

I also had ideas of getting this sandwiched so I could quilt it up and bind it while I'm gone but that's not gonna happen. I appliqued the watermelon seeds on and assembled the blocks but the pieced backing is still in pieces.  I still want to get it finished in time to be put in my Etsy shop for the summer. 

Tomorrow, I'll be cleaning house, doing laundry, packing and getting everything ready so we can leave Saturday morning. Of course, my lovely husband will be helping with all this so it should be pretty darn easy.

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