Thursday, August 25, 2016

Another ordinary day

Today is Thursday, and I'm so glad Wednesday has gone on it's way!  I think my brain was short circuited yesterday!  My husband agrees.

Met with the insurance agent and she had found a better plan for half the cost and that's always a good thing!  And she found a good plan for Don as well. Another good thing.  Then the day began to slide downhill!

After she left, I decided to do some work on the computer writing up stuff for the Festival (and wasting a lot of time as well!).  I did some reading while having a bit of lunch and continued until it was time to go to my 3 o'clock hair appointment.  Except I got a call from the hairdresser asking if I still was coming in for my 2:30 appointment!  Well, no. She didn't have any more time so I have to wait until Monday to go in. Darn it!  I also have to wash my hair myself between now and then as well!  Life can be so complicated at times, but as my Peace Corps daughter would say, "That's a 1st world problem!"

So then it was either clean the laundry room (another 1st world problem) or go to the sewing room. Well, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what I decided. I was able to cut fabrics for half a dozen pillowcases and even sewed one up before it was time to come upstairs and get ready for the 7 pm meeting of the Festival committees.  Seven o'clock came and went and no one appeared.  I began to worry that everyone had forgotten when I decided to check my calendar to make sure I had the correct time, and I saw that the meeting is set up for Thursday night!  Good grief!  I set up the meeting, how could I have confused the date!  I think I have just a bit too much stress in my life right now and need to do something about that.

So, today, the cleaning gets done and a few more pillowcases get sewn--and the meeting will be held!

And since every blog post must have a picture, here you go!  Just imagine me working away at my machine like this gracious lady!

Image result for pictures of sewing women

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