Monday, August 29, 2016

Whoa! I'm glad it's Monday!

Don't ask me what I did over the weekend cuz I have no idea! And no, I wasn't out partying from Friday thru Sunday--I'll leave that to the younger ones these days. No, I was just busy and the days flew past.

I spent some time in the sewing room on Saturday and finished fusing this McKenna Ryan pattern that I've had for several years: Note:  When I say "several years" it likely means since Medieval times when I was a child

I pulled out this pattern when I did a demo of McKenna Ryan's method at my guild last spring. I'd made up the pieced foundation--the blue sky, blue water, sand dune, shrubbery and the two borders.  I'd also traced all the pieces and had the tree cut out.  I had a few leaves cut out and showed how to use the teflon pressing sheet over the placement diagram so the tree could be assembled on the pressing sheet and then lifted in one piece to fuse onto the background. The demo went really well and when I got home that night, I simply put everything in the corner and forgot about it for the summer.  

Well, it's been nagging me and I thought I should get it finished up so I can bring it to guild and show them what it looks like finished.  On Saturday, instead of working on all the other sewing projects I've started, I finished cutting out the pieces and fused them on the background.  Unfortunately, I had trouble with putting the leaves on the tree--they were all backwards, and I didn't know how I did that since I was using batik fabrics so it shouldn't have mattered.  I finally gave up matching the leaves to the guide and just stuck them on as best as I could, and I think they look fine.  Then I turned over the instruction sheet and realized I'd been using the "tracing" guide instead of the "placement" guide.  Of course, the leaves would all be backwards!  I guess I need to do more McKenna Ryan projects so I remember to use the correct guide when I do the fusing!

Anyway, I'm happy with how it looks. I found a piece of fabric for the backing and fused several scraps of batting and made up a sandwich. It's all pinned and waiting for me to begin stitching down the applique pieces with invisible thread.  Maybe that will come tomorrow.

Also on Saturday, I cut the framing strips for my Bee-utiful blocks and got all 17 finished blocks framed up.  The designer used  a fabric from the line that had cursive writing on it. I couldn't find that fabric at my quilt shop so I used this gray fabric that says, "made with (heart)" and I'm very happy at how it came out.  

Also on Saturday, I began stitching this block of the flower filled pick up which is number 18 of the 20 blocks.  I became obsessed with it and finished it last night--or was it early this morning?  Anyway it's done, sized and framed, ready to take it's place with the other blocks.  

I also managed to finish up the little doll sweater I'd been working on. Now I only have 5 more to go, I think.  And my doc said I had to stop knitting until my wrist heals!  Like that's going to happen! Fortunately, I'm able to hold the knitting needle steady in my left hand and I can also hold the embroidery hoop in the left hand and the right hand does most of the work for both knitting and embroidery. The brace stabilizes my left wrist so I'm not causing any more damage to it and I've noticed a remarkable improvement since I began wearing the splint. 

Next on my sewing agenda is to quilt up the McKenna Ryan project and begin sashing the Bee-utiful blocks into the center of the top.  I also have block #19 ready to begin stitching tonight. 

I guess I've been "busy as a bee."   LOL

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