Wednesday, August 24, 2016

It's Hump Day!

Indeed, even when you're retired you can still celebrate Hump Day, and give a Whoot Whoot!

Today will be a bit more laid back than the earlier part of the week.  Just a run to the grocery store and one household chore--and then the house is DONE!  Whoot Whoot!  First I have a visit with the insurance agent to see if I can get a more reasonably priced policy--she thinks I can, which is always good.  And today, I have to get into the sewing room and make some pillow cases for our guild charity project since I've given up on finishing the quilt I had in mind.  

And then tonight, I have a meeting with all the people involved with the Quilt Festival that we're working on.  I've been working really hard on writing posts for the FB group as well as other details that need attending.  I have to say that everything seems to be coming together but I'm still a bit on edge about it all.  

Yesterday I finished the dilly beans and have these 4 pints as well as one that didn't seal and is in the frig.  

In addition to the dill, I added a couple cloves of garlic and a (very hot!) Thai pepper to each jar. These will all go to my daughter, niece and her brothers-in-law. When we were making Bloody Mary's last spring, I suggested Dilly Beans might be good and offered to make up some for everyone.  Personally, I don't like very many kinds of pickles but since I have the unsealed jar here, I just might have to start making a Bloody Mary every now and then.  Maybe my quilting would improve--or maybe not!

I also found this on my table after my guild officers' meeting the other night.  It was just sitting on my note pad and I found it after everyone had left.  It says "Yourself" on the rectangular tag along with the Bee.  Today I got a response to my email asking if this was left by mistake or if it was a gift.  It's a gift!  And I'm so happy to receive it!  One of the members of the guild gave it to me as a little thanks for sharing the information about the Bee-utiful Quilt Along that's being offered by Moda Bakeshop.  I'd mentioned it at the August Guild meeting and several members seemed interested.  Only one more block to be released and I think it will show up tomorrow.  


Here's another of the blocks.  The designer did a simple outline stitch or backstitch around the cake but others began posting pics of their cakes on FB and some of them were very elaborately decorated.  Like wedding cakes!  So I decided to take it up a notch or two as well. 

This is my cake, a little more elaborate that the designers, but not nearly as elaborate as some others. Truth be told, I am sorely lacking artistic talents and I copied ideas from other stitchers. Hey!  There's nothing in the rules saying you can't do that, and there are no embroidery police!  A nyway, isn't imitation the highest form of flattery?   

What makes my cake "special" is that I used my super glittery Cosmo floss to make French knots and some outlining on this cake.  It barely shows up in the photo but looks pretty good in person.  I used the glitter floss on a couple of other blocks as well, and I like how it's turning out. On my list of things to do in the sewing room today is to begin framing the blocks and get them ready for assembly. 

So, that's about all I have to say for this day.  Bye, bye!

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