Monday, August 22, 2016

I missed Sunday

Sorry about not posting yesterday.  After a sleepless night of tossing and turning, thinking about all that I have to do in the next few weeks, I simply got up early and began doing things.

I realize that my stress is being caused by having many, many things that have to be done soon, and not working on them. I decided, about 4 am, that I would designate 3 things to do each day and just do them. Eventually everything will be accomplished.

Does this make any sense at all?  What I'm talking about is a new set of responsibilities in my life!  As of tonight, I'm the chair of my quilting guild.  While there's not a great deal that I'll have to actually do, because the members are amazingly competent women, I still have to coordinate things. Beginning with a meeting at my house tonight to plan the next 6 months agenda for the guild.  I promised I'd have a little supper for everyone and now I can't decide what it's going to be.  Help!  Seriously, I know I'll figure it out in time.  It also means a trip to the grocery store that I really don't have time for but at least I can swing by the nearby store which is now in pretty good shape under new ownership and not have to drive clear across town to shop.

The other big responsibility is the Menomonie Quilt Festival.  Somehow, I have ended up being in charge of the Festival!   If you want to check it out, we're on Facebook.  Just search for it by name. or click on this link.  It's not going to happen until mid-November but there's a lot that has to happen between now and then.  We just got the FB group up and running last week and there's a lot of material that needs to be put in there. That's the big stressor--there are deadlines that have to be met as far as publicity goes, and I haven't got all the information yet.  Makes me a little crazy when that happens!

I'll just give you a nutshell version of what the Festival is all about.  Every two years my guild participates in a fundraiser for the local domestic abuse program. It's called The Quilt Tour and it's a series of quilt shows by the local groups set up in churches around town. Kind of like a garden tour but with this, you go from one quilt show to the other. They raffle off quilts and baskets of really nice things as well.

I was at a planning meeting last April, and they were discussing bringing in a keynote speaker but didn't know who to ask.
Barb's Big Mouth!
Well, I opened my big mouth and before I knew it, we had not only a speaker but a full weekend of activities planned and I was put in charge of it!  I have a great committee of women who are arranging the classes, the speaker and luncheon, the barn quilt tour and the Quilts of Valor ceremony.  I also have a great publicity person and 2 wonderful techies who do their thing.  So why am I stressed?  There are a lot of details that I have to attend to and lots of decisions that have to be made.

I know all of this will be worked out in the end, but I wish all the loose ends were tied right now! Then I could relax and simply let it happen. By the way, the reason for having this Festival is to raise additional funds for the domestic abuse program.  I have a goal, in my head, of generating $5000 to donate.  Wish us luck!

So yesterday, I worked on a number of computer tasks--writing FB posts, writing up a grant request--and I also began the housecleaning that I've neglected all summer.  I should have the house in some kind of cleanliness and order before the meeting tonight, right?

No sewing was done--just a little knitting on a doll sweater that I'm making. Oh, yes, that's the other stressor in my life right now.  As part of the Quilt Tour, my guild is running a store that we're filling with handmade items.  I'm making clothes for 18" dolls (like American Girl) and I'm feeling the pressure to get to work on that task. I have the fabrics, patterns, and trims. Just to sit down and do the work.  The guild has planned a work day in the middle of Sept where we will gather to work on the items for the store, and I plan to get a lot done at that time.

Today's tasks are 1) clean the house and 2) prepare food for the meeting tonight.  If there's time, I'll tackle the latest picking of green beans that need to be dealt with. Here I go!

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