Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Monday, Monday

When I was still working, I used to love Mondays. Strange, right?  Well, I was rested from the weekend and ready to tackle the job at hand. By Friday, I was too worn out and tired to do more than the minimum.  I think I'm still like that since yesterday was Monday and I got sooo much accomplished. It helped that I had a group of women coming to the house for supper and a meeting and I had to get the house cleaned up!

It was the guild officers' planning meeting.  We're supposed to meet twice a year to develop programs for the upcoming 6 months but we were in such a groove that we did the entire year. Yea!  These ladies are so awesome!  I'm thrilled to be part of such a great group.

So, I cleaned house and fixed supper for everyone, but when the mail arrived, I got a very nice surprise, wrapped in such pretty tissue.  I don't usually order fabrics online--I like to touch the fabrics and get a better idea of color and the scale of the design that I can't get from the pictures--but I'd heard about a moving sale at Lavender Quilts on Etsy, and here's the link:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/lavenderquiltsllc?ref=ss_profile. The owner, Kris, is having a moving sale and with coupon code "moving 25" you get 25% off your order! When I checked it out, I found several fabrics that would work very well in my stash--and 25% off is too good to pass buy!  (a little word play here)

Kris had omitted one of the fabrics I'd ordered so I received 2 packages of pretties in the mail instead of just one.

Inside were these two cute prints. The blue snowmen will work well with some blue work embroidery I have in mind, and the red printed sayings are just fun neutrals to include in a quilt.

I have plans to make a Quilt of Valor this fall and these red-white-blue fabrics will work nicely in it. The small neutral piece on the top of the stack is a bonus Kris included--she must sense that I love to have scrappy neutrals in my stash!

Other than cleaning and cooking and playing with fabric a little, I only did a little work on my knitting after the group left.  I've been neglecting my Bee-utiful blocks while I finish the sweater and that should be done by the end of today and I can return to embroidery.  Here are a few more of the blocks I've finished already:

I love the look of all the honeycombs in this block but, oh my! were they tedious to do!  The designer had filled some at random with satin stitch, but I declined to do that, satin stitch and I not being very good friends!

This one was appliqued using blanket stitch. The designer called for wool applique but I chose batiks instead, since I have more batiks than wool.

This is one of my favorites.  It looks a little pinky in this photo but really, the fabric is the same as all the other blocks.  I thought I should add a little wonky hair bow to the bunny. Oh yes, I deliberately made the bow lopsided.  LOL

What does Tuesday hold for me?  A little more housework and I'll have everything done.  Green beans again. (groan) Lots of work on the computer regarding the Festival.  Yesterday I'd written up a class description and when I was satisfied that it was good, I hit "Don't Save" instead!  It was late and I was tired and I just shut off the computer and called it a day. So I have to rewrite the article today, as well as several other things that have to be done by the end of the day.  We're supposed to have temps in the mid 80's so I think I'll be doing a little swimming before dinner tonight.  Well, I guess I'd better get on with the day's tasks, right?

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