Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Busy birthday weekend

I should just sit around today and simply rest up from all the activity of the past 5 days! I had so much fun with family and we did so much playing--and working! Just a little recap--Friday, picked up Jo at the airport and Tessa came out for supper. Saturday, the niece, nephew and kids came for the afternoon and evening for more partying--in the pool, and with fantastic smoked ribs off the grill for supper. Sunday and Monday, Jo, Lily and I went shopping for a cell phone for her as well as other things she needed. (Now, she's no longer hogging my phone all day!) Both days, I did a lot of sitting with my leg elevated, worked on the knitting I've got going and generally supervised things around the house.
Back to the doc yesterday. Knee is doing fine--the pain I feel is normal after this kind of surgery so I'm relieved.
Yesterday afternoon, Don and I worked together to transplant the azeleas from the west side of the house where they were dying a long, slow death, to the north side of the pool where I hope they will do better.

Today, I hope to move some hostas in there as well as a couple of ferns and some Lily-of-the-Valley. And that bed should be complete--for now. lol
Alas, I won't be sitting around today. I have a huge patch of weeding to do and I hope to make it to the store to order the tile I need to finish the countertop on the new deck. I'll post when I have it finished--next weekend, I hope.
Oh, I almost forgot. I started working on this table runner that I will give to my friend, Elaine, as a thank you for all the times she's let us stay at her house. It's a pattern from a book of runners by "Gathering Friends."


  1. Are you sure you should be gardening? I'm amazed that you're back at it so quickly! I love the table runner, very simple block but a great look.

  2. Sounds like you have been busy. I like the table runner. Take it easy on that knee.

  3. "Gardening" is going very well. All I'm doing is scooting around on my butt, pulling the abundance of weeds in the flower beds. :) Don's doing any digging and heavy lifting for me. Arthroscopy is such a non-invasive surgery that you heal very quickly afterward, thank goodness.