Friday, July 9, 2010

It's a cat's life

This is Clem, the second of Tessa's cats that we are housing now that she can't have cats in her apartment. During the hot weather earlier this week, he was often found stretched out like this, on the tile in the foyer. Last night I found him lounging in the chair. He's copying me--legs elevated--but he looks a lot "cooler" than I ever did.
I've had a lazy day, copying Clem, I think. Monday I return to work and I want to enjoy every minute from now until then. The knee is feeling better every day--I even forget to take the pain pill, it feels so good. Today, I baked the cakes for German chocolate cake and put them in the freezer. Next weekend, I'll frost them and serve it for dessert for the party we're having. While they were baking and while they were cooling, I had to stay in the house so I worked on knitting that purple sweater. I'm almost finished with the left side of the front and it's going faster than I thought it would. I may be able to actually wear it this fall!

Don was organizing the stuff in the basement the other day and he found the sweater I'd started for Lily last year. I'd done all of the knitting and only had to seam it up when it disappeared. When husband and youngest daughter "clean house" many things go missing, only to resurface months later in some very unlikely spots. I can't criticize since they are helping with the cleaning, right?

More weeding awaits me, and I'll be outside until dark doing that. Does it ever end? Why can't we just stretch out in the cool like Clem and let the weeds do what they want.


  1. Clem is so cute! I just can't resist a kitty tummy, or a doggie tummy either. They just seem to scream the need for a rub. Sounds like you're doing great on your knitting. It's good to have some handwork when you're laid up. I have a sweater finished from my hysterectomy 9 years ago - it just needs the neckband. Now it's probably too small!! Weeds? I got 'um. The choice today is weeding, since it's cooler again, or painting the rest of the hall.

  2. Clem is a cutie and he looks very comfortable in that chair. He looks like my Redford.