Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yea for arthroscopy!

Here it is. Don't worry, I won't post pix of the incisions or the scars! Yuck!

I had the arthroscopic surgery yesterday and if this post seems a little goofy, it's the Vicodin! Takes care of the pain and a good part of my brain as well, I think. The procedure went well, I'll be on crutches for a few days but the knee seems to be just fine. Love the white TEDs don't you? Thank goodness it's cool here for a few days.

When I stop the Vicodin, I'll be able to sit and knit or maybe do some sewing--I don't think I should use the rotary cutter while I'm legally stoned on Vicodin, do you? I've never cut myself (seriously) with the cutter and even though I have 9 good fingers left on my quilting gloves, I don't think I need to trim my hand to fit. LOL

Jo's arriving home tomorrow afternoon--Don and Lily and I will be there to meet her. I'll be off the Vicodin by then so I'll be ok. Can't wait to see her--she's traveling with another PCV for the entire trip to Mpls which is nice for her. What she'll do when she gets home, other than sleep for awhile, is anyone's guess. I know she's going to be in Austin TX to visit or maybe to stay, but I've cautioned her on making any decisions until she's recovered from jet lag and acclimated a bit to being back in the US. It will be a bigger adjustment than she imagines, and I want her to take all the time she needs.


  1. Glad your surgery went well. And thanks for not showing all the gorey stuff, I have a weak tummy. Hope your daughter arrives safely.

  2. Happy to hear your surgery went well and best of luck on a speedy recovery! Have a super time with your daughter! Best, Lisa

  3. P.S. yea for perscription drugs!

  4. I'm glad you're through that part of the ordeal. Hopefully you won't have much pain when you're off the hard stuff! : ) I hope Jo can destress and relax after her ordeal.