Friday, July 16, 2010

Gettin' Ready for the Weekend

It's Friday and I am getting ready for a great weekend. The storms should have passed through by now and we're promised a beautiful day for Sunday. Last night I made the first of the dishes for our party on Sunday and here it is--

This salad is made of grated raw beets, carrots, a zucchini and a Granny Smith apple with a handful of raisins and chopped pecans thrown in as well. A splash of lemon juice and a twist of salt and pepper and it's done. It's fine served fresh like this but it'll be better after marinating a day or two. Tonight I'll make that carrot and cumin dish and start the baked beans.

We're having between 15 and 20 people over on Sunday afternoon for swimming and hot tubbing with Don grilling a whole turkey--oh, I have to brine that overnight on Saturday. Wow! There's a lot to be done, and I'm loving it! I think, in a previous life I must have been a caterer since I love having big parties. LOL

Tomorrow a couple of Lily's friends are spending the afternoon swimming and having a real fancy tea party. I've been promising her I would do this all summer and I just realized we have to get this done before she moves out, so Saturday it is. I only have to do a bit of baking and make some fancy PB&J sandwiches for the kids and get out the fancy teacups for them to use and they'll be happy as clams.

Off to work today--as the week's gone on it's gotten better. I'm nearly caught up with the phone messages and emails so by the end of today, I'll be okay. Don's been gone all week, golfing with his cuz, and he'll be home Sat afternoon sometime. He'll be golfed out and will likely want to spend some time in the yard, which sorely needs his attention before the party. I've been trying to get in some weeding every evening and I realized last night that no matter how hard I try, I'm not going to get it all done before Sunday. Oh well, they'll have to accept us as we are, weeds and all, right?


  1. I guess we are always going to have weeds in our life. Your guests probably won't even notice the weeds.

  2. That beet dish sounds really good! I think Ron would like it. I believe we've discussed weeds before. Got 'em. Now that the vege garden is producing they're probably going to be around a while, too. A storm passed through the south end of town yesterday afternoon near where I volunteer. A friend was at the Christian Bookstore where the huge plate glass windows in the front blew in. Gander Mountain had all their canoes blown around. Trees down, the works. We got just a little wind and rain on the north side.