Monday, July 19, 2010

I had a weekend of parties at my house. And it was all good. Saturday, Lily had a couple of her girlfriends over for swimming, playing and a fancy tea party. Not as fancy as Fancy Nancy likes, but these girls thought it was just fine. We used the bone china cups and saucers with the pretty little flowers on them. We had mini-muffins, PB&J sandwiches cut in fancy shapes, and red jello with blueberries. "Tea" was chilled apple juice. When they were finished, not a crumb or drop was left. What fun for all of us!

Yesterday, I had a crowd of people over for swimming, visiting, and for supper. There was a total of 18 and we had a couple of quite vigorous water volleyball tournaments--my team only won 1 game. :( The weather was stormy looking in the morning but cleared out in time for the party and it became warm and humid--the pool felt very nice when I got in! Dinner was a smash! Don and I did a turkey on the grill--I had brined it overnight and it turned out fantastic. If you've never brined a turkey, don't be afraid to try it. I use the instructions from Alton Brown which you can find here: The turkey comes out so moist and flavorful--mmmmmmm. Only the carcass was left--split pea soup is in my future!

We celebrated 3 July birthdays as well and I used the opportunity to make my favorite from-scratch German Chocolate Cake. I only make it once a year, usually for my husband's birthday so this was a treat.

Jo left home today to spend a few days in Milwaukee with her friends before flying to Austin on Wednesday. Job interview on Thursday and then we'll see. I'm so hoping she gets offered this job--and she is too! Plan B is to get a job serving as she did while she was in college, but Plan A is much better.

I'm hoping this week is a quiet one--my gardens need tending and my body needs some resting! My sewing machine is getting dusty and I hate when that happens! My fabrics are calling out to me--"See me. Feel me. Touch me." I think I'll call my next quilt "The Who" no matter what the pattern. Help! I don't know where to begin!


  1. Barb, sounds like you all had a lot of fun, the salad recipe you shared looks good to me - I may try it myself this weekend if I get to the farmer's market on Friday. Thanks. Bernie

  2. Sounds like a super fun weekend and what a wonderful thing to do for Lily - it's something she will always remember! You are a super grandma! Best, Lisa