Thursday, July 8, 2010

A day of leisure?

The horrible hot and humid weather has finally moved on--sorry to those of you in the East :(--and I'm enjoying a quiet morning by myself. Don's at work, Lily's at her mom's and Jo is in her room, busy sorting and repacking her things. I'd forgotten how enjoyeable a cup of coffee can be when sipped and savored in solitude. Mmmmmmmm. When I finally decide I need to get on with the day, I'll start by doing some baking--pie sounds very nice for tonight's dessert.

A few weeks ago Don and I decided that it was finally time for me to have a real sewing center so I've been searching on-line for cabinets that will have the features I want/need. My space is a "nook" in the wall about 6 feet long by 3 feet deep (probably designed to be a closet) and I want a cabinet that will fit in that space. I'm thinking that it should have an extension table in the back that I can fold up when I'm working on a large piece and fold down when I'm not. The whole thing should be on wheels so I can pull it out from the wall in order to raise the extension. I think I should have cabinets and drawers on wheels that will fit under the sewing table on the left and right of my chair. I'll be able to roll them in and out instead of swinging them open out to the sides. I definitely want the option of raising and lowering the machine so the bed is flush with the table top and can be lowered out of sight as well. A power strip where I can reach it would be very nice so I don't have to crawl underneath the table as I do now.

Other than these things, I can't think of what else to have in the piece, so I thought I'd ask you what features you have and/or want to have in your sewing center. There are so many accessories that I can't decide which ones I should have. Please help!

Storage isn't a problem--I have a large closet and 4 hanging sweater bags that I use as shelves to hold my fabric. We saved the 4 small wall cabinets from last summer's bathroom remodel and I'm going to paint them and hang them over the sewing area for more storage. Thought I'd install an under-cabinet light to help light the sewing area. I'm even going to have a design wall area--finally!


  1. Thread storage where you can see each spool and don't have to grope through a mass of them. I can't think of much else. It sound like you have the lighting issue figured out. Isn't it fun to plan your own sewing area?

  2. I tried to post earlier, but I guess ir didn't take, I am glad your surgery wenr well. I would like to suggesr full spectrum lights, they are a little more expensive, but well worth it. That pie you made sure looks good to me:) Bernie