Saturday, January 14, 2017

Feathers Finally Finished!

I am so proud to be able to announce, finally, that I have finished stitching the feathers in all the neutral logs of the king sized log cabin quilt!  Yea! Rah, Rah!

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Actually, I think I've figured out what's been causing the tension problems--loosely wound bobbins! Yesterday, when I began to have tension problems again with using the white thread on top, the first thing I did was rewind the bobbin and the problem was gone. There must be something wrong either with the winding apparatus or in the way I'm threading up for bobbin winding.  Well, let's hope that's the problem, one that's easily fixed, and not something more major.

I finished "feathering" (who says I can't make up new words?) yesterday, mid afternoon, and there was enough time to begin stitching the curvy lines in the blue logs--using blue thread on both the top and bottom this time. What a relief! This is going very well, and I realized that I can stitch these lines from any directions whereas, I could only stitch the feathers in one direction and had to turn the quilt to go in the other direction.  And believe me, that has been a real chore!

In the evening, I continue stitching on Among the Pines, and have nearly finished the third block.  I think I'll have to make up all the other blocks so they're ready to go with me to Alabama in a week or two. I like to have something to stitch on as I sit on the porch of our cottage there on the Gulf.  I can't stitch in the car as the roads are way too bumpy, but I can knit, so I'll also take along some yarn and needles for the travel days.

I thought I'd add a picture of my back yard here in NW Wisconsin.  Yep, lots of snow this winter, and lots of cold as well.  

This morning when I checked at 8 o'clock, the temp was -4 F.  That's pretty cold even for me, this Minnesota born and bred lady.  Fortunately, the cold spell will lift in a couple of days and we're predicted to have temps in the high 20's and low 30's for a few days. I know some of you will think I'm nuts to say those temperatures are "warm" but in comparison to what we have now, it'll feel very nice.  When we stay at the Gulf, the temps usually range between 55 and 70 degrees and we like it very much. It's such a pleasure to not have to put on the parka and wooly scarf, heavy winter boots, gather up hat and mitts, and just go outdoors in a light jacket or sweatshirt.  Not swimming or sunbathing weather, but a nice break from Old Man Winter.

But I'm not at the Gulf yet, and I will have to bundle up and make a trip to the grocery store as soon as I finish here. Jo is coming home this afternoon and will spend the night. I want to fix a nice roast beef dinner for her and have to pick up a few things in order to do that. As soon as I get the groceries put away, I'll be working on the blue logs until she arrives sometime this afternoon.

If you live in a cold area, stay warm, and if you live in a warm area, enjoy!

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