Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Getting into production mode

I have my machine set up and all the tools are scattered over the dining table where I'll be sewing for the next month.

This is not my Allietare quilt below but a picture of one I found on line.  I made this Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt over a year ago. Well, I finished the center of the quilt, and I remember bringing it with me to Gulf Shores last year and showing it at the Bonnie Hunter class I attended while I was here.  All it needed were the two simple borders, and I had the border fabrics with me, but I guess I ran out of time and carried it back home with me, untouched.

Image result for allietare quilt pattern

I made my quilt in the same colors as shown, and I think it turned out spectacularly!  I love the colors and can't wait to get it finished and on the bed.  I brought it along on this year's trip and yesterday, I took it out and began the finishing process.  I managed to get the inner gold border attached.  It's a 1" border and already I'm thinking of how I'll quilt that little strip.  I also have the black fabric with me for the final border and plan to get it attached today.  Bonnie finished her quilt with a scalloped edge and I will too.  I've been wanting to try a scalloped edge for some time, and now it the time.  I think I'll mark the scallops before I quilt it up, but won't cut anything until after the quilting. Then, I'll finish it off with a gold binding.

I also began making up the 3 kits I'd brought along for the guild charity quilts.  In each kit, there are 4 10" squares that we're supposed to make up into half square triangles.  Fortunately, I measured each square before I stitched or cut anything and most of them are cut a bit shy of 10", one of them nearly a quarter inch short.  I emailed the coordinator of the project asking for the dimensions of the HSTs so hopefully, I can stitch and cut and then square them up to the correct size.  Until I hear from her, I can't do anything more on that project.

In addition to sewing, I had to do the laundry since we'd accumulated quite a few dirty things as we traveled the width of the country last week.  I also found time to take a walk yesterday afternoon, beautiful sunny day with just a little breeze.  That's why we come here every winter when we can!

Today, grocery shopping is on the agenda.  We'd picked up a few things before we got to the cottage, but now we need to do a major shop.  

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