Friday, January 13, 2017

Quilting away--day by day

Yesterday, I made quite a bit of progress on the log cabin quilt, although I continue to have tension problems.  When I began stitching with the new spool of thread, and a new and full bobbin, the same problems popped up as before--too much bobbin thread showing up on the top. After rethreading the top and adjusting the tension, I still had the problem. So, this time, I immediately rewound the bobbin with more tension on the thread as it wound, and Voila!  Tension problem solved!  I was able to get all but one of the most difficult blocks quilted and today will toil on and finish the last of the feathers. Please!  I want so badly for this part to be done!

Other than that, I actually got my house cleaned up enough for the Quilt Festival team to meet here after supper and make decisions about the direction of the festival.  After lengthy discussion, the group decided to go ahead and begin working on a festival for November, 2018, if we can get things cleared up with the main event which may be a sticking point.  I've emailed the person in charge of that event and, hopefully, we'll get together next week and get everything ironed out.  Wish me luck on that as well.

And since I have no pictures to post today of my quilting progress, or anything else, here are a couple I stole borrowed from the internet for your viewing pleasure.  The one below looks like the walking/biking  trail nearby and I may just go out and take a walk on it today.

Image result for image of beautiful winter scene

I just like the one below--hungry doe waiting for the photographer to leave so she can feast on the apples! I wish that was my backyard!

Image result for image of beautiful winter scene

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