Sunday, January 29, 2017

Wandering down Memory Lane

Yesterday was a lay-around-the-house kind of day.  I'm still not quite recovered from the nasty cold I've struggled with for the past 2 weeks, but every day I feel a little better. But still, we decided to simply hang out at the house and not do much of anything.  We did manage to haul ourselves outdoors in the afternoon for a bit of a walk so I guess the day wasn't a complete waste of time.

Since I didn't do any sewing yesterday as I'd planned, although I did work on some knitting I'd begun on the car ride down here, I thought I'd go through some of my old photos that are stored here on the old laptop. I calculated that this computer is at least 8 years old and the only time I use it is when we come to the Gulf. I found lots of quilt photos that I'd totally forgotten about, and when I get back home, I'll have to move these onto the big computer so the pics are all together.

But I digress.  The first pic is of a lap size quilt called "Scottish Rose."  I made this one as a wedding gift to the daughter of one of my best friends. She and her husband were living in Glasgow, Scotland, at the time, and I thought this was perfect for them. Especially since Amanda loves anything pink!

Next is a Christmas tree skirt I made which was intended for me.  I took some floral Christmas fabric and cut out the oval-like ornaments and appliqued them, their handles and bows onto a cream background, then quilted a cross hatch pattern throughout the background.   As I said, I made it for myself, but when my daughter saw it, she begged for it, so it now lives at her house.  I still have the old one for myself. Sigh.

This Halloween table topper I'd totally forgotten about. I made it for sale in my Etsy store and I guess it must have sold quickly since I have little memory of it. I hope the new owner's still enjoying it.

Next is a corner of a "tessellating stars" quilt I made out of a jelly roll of fabric made for the Wisconsin ship hop in 2013 or so.  I really like this quilt and especially the diamond border I created for it.  Unfortunately, it languishes in my closet, patiently waiting to be quilted up and put to use.

This Fishing Quilt did get finished up. I made this from a kit I got from Granola Girl, again, several years ago.  I put it together during my first or second trip to the Gulf, and actually did the quilting on it while we were here as well. This was a gift to my husband's cousin who has been a good friend to us. He loves to fish and when I saw this quilt, I knew it was perfect for him.

My granddaughter, Lily, asked me for a new quilt when she was too old for the baby quilt I'd made her. I thought this Disappearing 4 Patch would carry her into her teens.  I really liked the bright colors and I like the appliqued floral border.  

This is a little table runner I made basically from scraps and put up for sale in the Etsy shop. Again, this sold very quickly and I promptly forgot that I'd made it.  I think I should make another one for sale next Christmas.

That's it for this little walk down Memory Lane.  I've enjoyed revisiting these quilts and I hope you have too. If I get busy today, I may have more current quilt projects to share with you tomorrow.  This afternoon, we're going to see "Hidden Figures" so I don't know how much I'll get accomplished. We'll see.

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