Sunday, January 1, 2017


Buffering in the New Year...

I found this picture at when I was looking for an appropriate image of 2017 New Years.  This is the way Don and I traditionally celebrate the new year--understated yet elegant, don't you think? No holes in these socks!  Well, however you brought in the new year, I hope is was just what you wanted.

Just before I sat down to write this post, I read over the blogs that I follow and of course, I saved one of the best for last. In her post, she shares her accomplishments for the month as well as a couple of goals for the upcoming month. Barbara, at Cat Patches, posted this picture of her latest completed portion of Wind in the Whiskers, 

and I immediately remembered this Youtube video that I'd seen on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was hilarious!  Just like a cat--if it isn't chasing a red dot, its hoping to catch fish under the ice! 

Before Don and I settled down to ring in the new year with a good TV program, I actually did spend time in the sewing room, working on the Log Cabin quilt (by now you should all know its blue and white so I'll stop repeating that. Its the only LC quilt I have--at this time).  I figured out where the foundation stitching should go and I got all of it finished before I headed upstairs.  I also drew out the feather design I'm thinking of using in the white portion of the blocks and I think it's going to work out ok.   I found this on the internet and thought it was just the thing:  

Don't you just love that border quilting?  My quilt has no borders so I'll save this idea for another quilt in my future.

And here's the diagram:  


This design is from Cindy Roth here .  I think what she did in the brown and gold quilt is outstanding!  I don't know how close I'll come to duplicating her work, but I'll do my best.  One of the differences between her quilt and mine is that I laid out the blocks differently so I have only 2 of the light sections together instead of four as she has.  I also plan to do the curvy line in the dark section of each block. It'll look different from hers, and I think it will look pretty good my way as well.  I'll post pictures as I go so you can be the judge. Ha!

The afternoon is nearly over and I have to do something about dinner. I don't think I'll be in the sewing room today.  Sunday night is my night to spend with public television--I've loved Masterpiece Theater for at least the last 30 years!--and that's where you'll find me tonight!  Quilting can wait until tomorrow when I have nothing else planned to do.

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