Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Here's a Finish!

Yes, I worked on the casserole carrier yesterday, and got it done!  It's large enough to carry a 13 by 9 pan and it's entirely insulated to keep things hot/cold.  

On the inside, there's a pocket made out of the black dotted fabric.  You slide the pan between the carrier and the pocket and then fold the flaps over to keep everything snug.  In the black pocket, there's another pocket that doesn't show, but I figure it's to use for the serving utensils that we all forget to bring to these pot lucks.  

Anyway, it's done and I'm satisfied with it.  Now to make up a quick potholder and copy my favorite casserole recipe and the gift will be completely finished.

I made a stop at the local big box store to see if I could find key rings to use for the Key Chain Mini Purses that I want to make as gifts for the guild members. Remember,  I need to make about 40 of them before next Tuesday night.  That's 7 days if you count today. Can I do it?  I'll let you know as I make progress on them.  

Today I have an appointment with Occupational Therapy. I'm still struggling with my left wrist tendonitis, or De Guervain's Syndrome.  You may recall that last May I had a marathon knitting session one day, working on cardigan doll sweaters, and when I woke up the next morning, OMG!  I nearly screamed with pain in my wrist!  I tried to avoid using it and especially twisting the wrist but when it hadn't gotten any better by August, I saw the doc. She gave me a splint to immobilize the thumb and thus prevent the pain in the wrist, and I've worn that for over 3 months now with minimal improvement. So, today I go to OT to see if they can fix it. If not, it's off to the hand surgeon and we all know what surgeons usually want to do, right?  Wish me luck with this, please. I'm tired of wearing this splint!

Today's agenda, after I return home, is to make up the potholder to go with the casserole carrier and then get started on the key chain purses.  Oh yeah. I'm out of clean socks so I guess I'll have to do some laundry as well.  What an exciting life I live!

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