Sunday, November 20, 2016

It's time for a clean up!

Yesterday, as I posted, was a lay back day for both Don and me.  All I did was clear out the clutter in the guest room, and hope to get it finished today.  We'll see.  This morning, I had to take things  back downstairs to my sewing room and I spent an hour or two in there, again trying to clear up the clutter. This summer I was busy spending time with Lily during the 6 weeks she spent with us, and after she left in mid-August, I began working on items for the Country Store and never took time to put things away. Add into the mix, a 4 day retreat in late October and I hadn't put those things away either.  What a mess!  I'd show you pics of the room, but who wants to look at that!

I also worked on my Snowman Blue-work embroidery last night and I think I'll be able to finish it tonight. Then I have to decide how I want to finish it off--table runner, wall hanging, or rectangular pillow.  Here's the picture:
and I'd appreciate any and all suggestions.  Please help me decide what to do with this piece,.

Today, I'll continue working on both the guest room and the sewing room and I think I'll get most of it done before dinner. However, I have a meeting here at 2 but that shouldn't take more than an hour, I hope. After dinner, its embroidery along with Masterpiece Theater--my favorite evening of the week!

That's my blog post for today.  Not much to write home about but I'm trying to focus on positive things, and beginning the clean up of both rooms is very positive!

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