Wednesday, November 23, 2016

T's are cossed and I's are dotted.

I hope my Thanksgiving turkey doesn't turn out like Chevy Chase's did in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!

I think I have just about everything ready for Thanksgiving Day:
     Stuffing made and turkey stuffed--check!
     Turkey cleaned and in the oven--check!
     Bathrooms cleaned--check!
     Spare beds made up--almost check (there's one to go)!
     Food purchased for the big day--not yet checked. That's next on my list. A quick trip to the store                to get the fresh things I didn't want to buy last week when I did my big shopping.

Yes, I think after my shower and the trip to the store, I'll be ready and anxious for the weekend instead of dreading all the preparation that's needed.  By that statement, I mean house cleaning!
Those of you who've read this blog for awhile know that cleaning house is my most hated task--after gutting chickens and cleaning out septic tanks, I guess.  And since I'd neglected things so long this fall, I really had to go at it big time. And it's done--well, as good as it's going to get. After all, my guests are my children and they've seen the house during their growing up years and it was often a lot worse than it is today!

I imagine some of you are wondering if I really have the turkey stuffed and in the oven. Yes, I do. My hairdresser gave me this tip a couple of years ago and I've done it every year.  I roast the turkey the day ahead of time--when I actually have time, and no pressure to get it done at a certain time.  It'll come out of the oven around 3 this afternoon and I'll scoop the stuffing into a casserole dish and refrigerate it overnight.  While the turkey's cooling, I'll make gravy and refrigerate that as well. Tomorrow, the fat will have congealed on the top and will be easy to take off.  When the turkey's cooled enough, I'll carve it and put the meat back into the roasting pan, pour in a box or so of chicken or turkey broth, cover and chill it overnight.  Tomorrow, I'll make the pies, cook potatoes and vegetables --sweet potatoes in the crockpot!-- and an hour or so before dinner, I'll slide the chilled turkey and dressing back into the oven and it's ready to serve--whenever!  The bonus of doing the turkey this way is there is no ugly carcass sitting on my kitchen counter which opens onto the dining room.

Yesterday I managed to find a little time to sew after I'd cleaned up the sewing room.  I trimmed up the Snow Happens embroidery and found this fabric which happens to be the "Snow Happens" line! I had no idea it was a coordinate for the embroidery and I have enough for the backing.  I'll work on that after the weekend.

I also decided to begin working on a couple of doll outfits a friend wants me to make and I finished the twirly skirt shown here. I'd already had the sweater done--it just needs it's buttons sewn on--and I'll make a T shirt to go with.  My friend's granddaughter loves yellow, so I have yellow polkadot fabric cut out to make into a dress as well.  

And I had to make up a new embroidery project and I decided to make the needle case shown on the cover of the latest Gail Pan book that I have.  I decided to make two of them and last night I finished the embroidery on one.  I don't know what I'll do with the second one, but I'll be ready when I need a little gift.

The case opens up to a pocket on the left side and some felted wool for the needles on the right side, like pages in a book.  I think I'll like having this to keep track of my needles.

And I had to include a Thanksgiving Day cartoon since I won't be posting tomorrow, and maybe not for the weekend.  So, I hope none of you find this too racy for your taste, but I think it's funny!  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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