Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Nothing New Here, Folks.

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Same old, same old.  Yesterday was spent working on wine totes--got 2 finished and a third one cut out, to make a total of 5 to put up for sale.  Hope they do sell cuz, what am I going to do with 5 wine totes?  I don't carry wine bottles around, I open them up and drink!  

I also spent some time preparing for the guild meeting.  I'm enjoying being president this year, but it's more work than I imagined it would be.  And I'm always very tired out when I get home.  But someone has to do it and it's only for a year so what the heck!

After I got home, I worked on my little embroideries and only have a dozen or so French Knots to do and then all 4 will be finished and ready to stitch into pin cushions.  The long arm quilter brought one of the Quilts of Valor to the meeting last night, so today, I get to make bindings and begin the stitching on it so it's finished in time. I have another QOV quilt ready for binding that I was just told about the other day, and then the second one that was made at retreat last week will come in soon from the quilter, I hope, and will need to be bound as well.  In between, I'll be working on making doll coats and party dresses.  Whew!  I'll be so glad when this is all over and done!   Maybe I need to open a bottle of wine to help me manage it all!  Just kidding.  I never drink when I'm sewing--I wait until the rotary cutter is put away and the sewing machine has been turned off.  Then I'll take a sip or two.
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Or three.

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