Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I think I'm going to recover from the super busy holiday weekend!  For awhile, I had my doubts, but yesterday was halfway back to normal and I have high hopes that today becomes "mostly normal." By that, I mean a little housework, a few errands, of course, blog reading, and then sewing!

Yesterday, I spent an hour or sew at the machine before Don asked me to help put up the Xmas lights which took up the balance of the afternoon.  They look pretty nice, but it's not sewing, is it? Today, I may get around to putting up red ribbon bows on each of the porch pillars and hanging the wreaths by the door and garage, and that's it. Sweet and simple.

In the sewing room yesterday, I repaired two tops my daughter left for me to do. I told her asking me to sew repairs is like asking Michelangelo to paint your bathroom!  Anyway, I did those things and then I cut out and made the T shirt top to go with the Twirly skirt and sweater outfit, shown below. Now I have to make the yellow polka dot dress and I'll be done with doll clothes for awhile, I think.

I also trimmed the embroidery for the 2 needle cases that I'm making and put them away until I have time to finish them off. No work on the casserole carrier but that will be tackled today or tomorrow.

Another project I thought I'd begin--soon!-- is to make 35 of these little key chain coin purses that were created by Sharon Vrooman. I've been racking my brain to figure out something to make for the Guild members to give at the holiday party and these look fairly easy and fast.  I'll have to pick up the D rings and ribbon when I'm out running errands today. I like that they have no zippers!  

Here's the link to the tutorial if you're interested in making some yourself.  Key Chain Mini Purse Tutorial  If any of you want to place bets on whether I get them all finished, all I can say is, "No wagering, please."  But I know you'll do as you please anyway.   ;-)

So, I have a full day staring me in the face, and only half the day left to get things done so I'd better get a move on. Oh, yes. An update on my difficulty with Blogspot and getting my dashboard. I found a forum and discovered that the old dashboard apparently is gone. All I can do is click on the Reading List found to the lower left of the page and get my blogs there.  Not as convenient as before, but I guess change is inevitable. Especially in Tech Land where the motto seems to be, "If we can change things we will. Just because we can."

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  1. The doll clothes are adorable. I made some years ago for my daughter's Cabbage Patch doll. Now they get put on my grandsons teddy bear.
    Enjoy your holiday decorating...hope you find time to sew!