Monday, November 21, 2016

Snow Happens!

Well, not here in West Central WI--yet.  No snow to be seen so far, although a few miles north of us, here was a dusting on the ground and more snow accumulation as one traveled north---which I didn't do.  I'm hunkered down here in Menomonie and plan to stay this way for awhile.

Yesterday was a bit more productive than the days before.  All I have left to do in the guest room is to run the vacuum and it's ready for my son  and DIL on Wednesday.  I have yet to finish the sewing room where the 2 boys will share the sleeper sofa, and the other 2 guests will have to make do on air mattresses in the basement.  They've done that before and survived so I hope they'll do it again.

After the Guild finance meeting which took 2 hours yesterday afternoon instead of 1, I typed up and emailed to notes to all the committee chairs and officers who weren't there.  At the meeting, the treasurer informed us that the guild has realized $875 from our sales at the Quilt Tour fundraiser, and the rest--$1740--will be donated to the domestic abuse program. We've never been able to donate that much, and it makes my heart very warm to think about it.  We worked over a year making items to sell and it was so worth it.

Other than that, I spent the rest of the day generally putzing around the house.  For the first time in many weeks, I actually cooked a decent meal for Don and I and then settled down with my embroidery, Snow Happens.  This is what it looks like at this point:

I'd hoped to get the embroidery finished last night, but I was distracted by Ross Poldark and spent more time watching the show than stitching. Sigh! You can see that I only have the last snowman's head and arm to finish and then I really have to decide how to finish it up. Since I got no suggestions from any readers, I'm thinking I'll go with the table runner idea--and put it up for sale in my Etsy shop.  And I may make a second one into a pillow as a gift for my friend who has snowmen on display in her house throughout the winter. I think she'd like it.  

Today will be busy with a haircut and errands to run, and then a meeting in the evening. It's the wrap up of the Quilt Tour so we'll see if they made their goal of $10,000 this year.  Hope so! I also want to spend more time in the sewing room getting it cleaned up more and ready for the boys to occupy over Thanksgiving weekend. That means putting away all sharp objects!  And if there's time, I'll get started on making this casserole carrier that is needed for the gift exchange at the guild holiday party.  

I have some fabric with watermelon slices, oranges, strawberries, etc on it in reds, orange, and greens on a yellow background with a coordinating fabric for lining and red for the handles.  I think it'll look good.  

So, busy day looking at me and I'd better get on it.  

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  1. I can't believe no one had any suggestions. If those snowmen were mine (and if you put them in your etsy shop, they might be) I'd turn them into a wall hanging to hang in a narrow spot above other decorations. They are sooo cute!