Friday, December 2, 2016

A Do-Nothing kind of day

Have you ever had a day when you wake up feeling kind of blah, and it lasts all day?  If not, I'm so happy for you!  If yes, you'll understand how my day went yesterday.  I woke up with a low grade headache which lasted all day, and despite getting about 9 hours of sleep, I was tired, cold and lethargic all day.  I thought I was in a depressed mood because I had no interest in doing anything and kind of felt like there was no point in doing anything.  As the day went on, I began to think I might be coming down with "something." but this morning, I'm feeling back to my normal self again. And I'm glad I feel this way.

Needless to say, I didn't get much done yesterday other than taking Clem, the cat, to the vet. He did far less whining and howling in the car than usual, and I was grateful for that!  He was pronounced in good health and was given a couple of shots and today, he must not be feeling well since he's hiding from us and hanging out by his favorite floor heater.  Just now I tried to get a pic of him, but he hightailed it (literally) down the basement steps!

Other than that errand, I finished sewing the snaps on the key chains I'd sewn the day before so I now have completely finished 15 of the 40 +/- that I want to make. I'll be spending the day in the sewing room again, making up another 15 or more of them, and stitching snaps while watching evening television.

And Don and I joined 6 friends at the Golf Club dinner and although my headache still bothered me a bit, I did enjoy that.  Good friends are to be treasured and cherished no matter how I feel.

I've had two appointments so far with occupational therapy regarding my thumb tendonitis. At the first session, I received a new brace/immobilizer that prevents my thumb from moving backwards and from twisting.  The new brace feels much better than the old one I'd worn since August, but it's a really ugly thing with straps, buckles, turnscrews, and so forth.  The OT therapist suggested that if I wanted to Bedazzle it, she wouldn't care, as long as I wore the thing!  It's made of fabric so I may do some embroidery on it or maybe applique a little quilt block on it.  At both sessions, I've received ultrasound and massage and I have yet to determine if that's helping or not. The brace is kind of interfering with my hand sewing so I'll have to allow more time than I'd thought.

That's it for this day. I'm off to the basement to see if I can get a picture of Clem and to begin working on the key chains again.

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