Monday, December 12, 2016

Pro-cras-ti-nation (sung to Anticipation)

All I can say is that yesterday was pretty much a waste.  Or maybe it was productive, from a procrastinator's point of view.

I never made it to the sewing room, so the placemats are yet to be started. And I didn't even think any more about the Santa ornaments.  However, I did get the Christmas cards written and in the mailbox, so cross that task off my list. Don said he'll bring the Christmas tree and ornaments up today and we'll work together to get the thing up and decorated.  And then, I'm going to the sewing room and getting to work.  Yes!  I swear I'll get going today!

I did spend some time reading my Jane Smiley book, and like I said, I didn't want it to end. But it did. And when I turned the digital page, I learned that this book, Some Luck, is the first of a trilogy!  So I have 2 more books to go!  Yea!  Oh, Happy Day!  I requested the next book from the electronic library and then found another one to read while I wait for the next Smiley book. But the new book isn't as good.

Tonight, I'll go to the Hand Stitching Group sponsored by the Guild.  We meet once a month to visit and work on hand work--knitting, sewing binding, embroidery, and so forth.  It's a way to get to know the other members since there's little social time at the meetings.  So that means I'll have to make up some embroidery to take with me.  There's an embroidered quilt in my newest Gail Pan embroidery book that I think I'll copy onto some fabric and begin working on it. There's no hurry for this project to be done, but I do need something to take with tonight.  Otherwise, I'll just sit there and snack!

I guess I've done enough procrastinating for one day and it's time to get on with my chores so I can then move on to the sewing room where nothing's a chore.  Hope you feel the same way.

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