Friday, December 30, 2016

I love sandwiches!

Quilt sandwiches, that is.  And I have a "Yuge" quilt sandwich waiting for me in the sewing room.  It's actually "Bigly," but enough of politics.  LOL!

Don and I went to the rec center this morning and he actually helped pin the quilt sandwich!  First time ever, and he did an acceptable job.  I'd say a great job but I don't want him to get an inflated sense of himself. Just kidding.  Unfortunately, I didn't  have a phone with me so I don't have a picture to share with you.  I think this "blue and white log cabin" quilt is going to remain a mystery for you for a few more days. I plan on beginning the quilting on it this afternoon but first I want to finish up the second of the two needle cases I'm making.  I began the finishing work on it yesterday and it'll only take an hour or so to get it finished except for hand sewing the binding.

Yesterday, I was able to find, not Sulky's Sticki Solvy, but a similar product. I took it to the office supply store nearby and for $1.49 (including tax!), I got all but 2 of the designs printed on the filmy sheets.  The last two designs are less complicated and I think I can trace them without too much problem.  I hope to be able to begin on this embroidery project tonight.  And since tomorrow's New Year's Eve, I can stay up as late as I like and stitch away!

No post is complete without pictures, right?  So I pulled a couple off the computer to share with you.

This is Lily and me at one of the waterfalls in a state park we camped at several years ago when she was about 6 or 7, I think.  I'm the one in the yellow shirt.  :)

Don and I at the Grand Canyon in March, 2011 or 2012.  This was a great trip with our good friends--until the last day when we were snowbound and couldn't make the drive to Phoenix to catch our flight!  The next day was fine and we were able to get home again.  

This is a picture I took of a pillow I saw in a store a few years ago. I really liked it and said to myself. "I can make that!"  Needless to say, it hasn't been made yet, but now I have some fabrics that would be perfect made up into a pillow like this.  One more thing on the project list!

Now, I'm going to tackle the first load of laundry and then it's off to the sewing room!

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