Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Books, Books, Books

Well, yesterday ended up being such a laid back day.  I loved it!  After the Christmas tree was assembled, lit, and decorated--and passed inspection by Mr. Clem--I tackled the laundry and continued to read the book I'd started while waiting for the next volume by Jane Smiley.  The more I read this book, titled Songs Without Words, by Ann Parker, the more I'm enjoying it.  The author is doing a great job at developing layers upon layers of personality with the characters and I think I was a little put off in the beginning because the characters seemed to trite and shallow. but now, nearly halfway into the book, I can see them as multidimensional in so many ways.  I'm not making any money off this review--just sharing my opinion.

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In the meantime, I received an email from the local library that another book I'd ordered was there and ready for pick up.  This one is the third in the series about the early history of America by John Jakes, another author that I'm a big fan of (or, of whom I'm a big fan). So I'll have to pick that up soon too. (I'll have to pick up that one soon, too.  What has happened to my grammar??? )  

And speaking of books, I was asked to read and review this book, Dust between the Stitches, for a friend who runs a quilting retreat center nearby. 

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She wants to know if this is a book she should carry for her retreaters to purchase.  So, I guess I have my share of reading to do these next few weeks.  

Today, however, I'm planning an spending time in the sewing room. I plan to sandwich up and quilt up the 4 placemats I made the other day, as well as sewing the napkins to go with them. I also would like to finish the sample Santa ornament and decide if I want to make more of them as gifts for the family.  Last night, I finished the embroidery for the Christmas pillow and if there's time today, I'll do the patchwork so I can get that moving along.

And I guess that's all I have to do.  And if I want to get it done, I'd better get a move on, right? 

But first, a picture of a furry someone who's not moving anywhere on this cold, cold winter morning!

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