Friday, December 16, 2016

Change of plans

Yesterday, I posted that I was determined to finish quilting up the placemats and have them ready to hand over to Jo, but that plan got ditched real quick.  My husband reminded me that we're predicted to have a pretty big snowstorm Friday (today) and Saturday.  Since Jo's decided not to come home but rather to meet up for lunch, I decided I should make a run to the grocery store and get what I need to make up some yummy food to take to her.  I'm going to make some beef-bourguignonne-pot-pie

I got this recipe from Barbara of  Three Cats Ranch who blogs at Cat Patches.  The recipe is from Bon Appetit and it's really, really good!  When I've made it before, I usually cook up some egg noodles and serve it over them instead of putting it in a pie as shown.  

I also took out a fresh ham and will roast that up for pulled pork and she'll be able to use it any way she wants.  So, cooking is on my agenda for today.

After my trip to the grocery store, I also realized that there are only a few days before Christmas!  Yikes!  Where did the time go?  I hate it when a holiday creeps up on me and scares the bejeezus out of me!  So, I decided I needed to finish up the Christmas shopping before the snow arrives and I spent a couple of hours doing that--and got it done!  Today, I'll wrap up Tessa and Lily's gifts and get them out in the mail. Will they arrive in Maine before Christmas?  Who knows.

I had planned on making some of my special Christmas cookies to fill a tin and to send that along with the gifts, but no time to bake cookies if I want that box at the post office today. Instead, I made 5 loaves of Cranberry Orange quick bread,, another recipe I got via Barbara--she's just the best cook around and generously shares her recipes.  Thanks so much , Barbara!

So, here's the picture of the bread that was posted along with the recipe:

Cranberry-Orange Bread with Grand Marnier GlazeRecipe

And here are the loaves I made.  They'll be wrapped up and given to the neighbors today--if it doesn't snow too hard.

But first, I need to wrap up the Christmas presents and get that box to the post office!  

Wish me luck with finishing the placemats today so I can give them to Jo when she and I meet up for our lunch. 

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