Monday, December 5, 2016

Monday, Monday

Yesterday, on sunday, I got done all that I had hoped to.  All 43 coin purses are finished. Found the little candy canes I'd been looking for.  Went to have a great dinner with my daughter and niece before going to the Mannheim Steamroller concert in Mpls--and we were not disappointed with either the dinner or the concert!  One more thing crossed off my bucket list.

Today was to be a little more laid back and less stressful than the past several days--at least that was my plan!  I was informed that the cat, Clem, doesn't like the new brand of cat food that I bought him at our local pet store. That means that I will be making a trip to Eau Claire, 25 miles away, to get him his special brand.  WTH!  It also means that I can make my trip to the grocery store at the same time and check out the new Woodman's in EC.  Oh, and it also means I can make a quick stop at the LQS and get the coordinating fabrics for the placemats I'll be making for Johanna's Secret Santa.  Well then, that makes it a worthwhile way to spend my day, right?

When I get home, I'll be making this Kale and Brussels Sprout Salad for the Guild party tomorrow night.


You may be asking why am I making the salad a full 24 hours before the party.  Well, for one thing, the greens (kale and brussels sprouts) don't wilt even after the dressing is added. And secondly, we found that the flavors get better and better the longer it marinates.  The last time I ate this salad, it was about 5 days old and it was still amazingly delicious!

I also have to type up and print out my recipe to include with the casserole carrier and potholder for the gift exchange.  And get all of it wrapped! One of my favorite casseroles is  Scalloped Potatoes and the recipe I use is from the book,"Hotdish Heaven" by Anne Burckhardt. My friend gave me this book quite a few years ago and it contains some of the best casseroles (or as we say here in the Midwest, "Hotdishes."  Ha Ha) I've ever had.  The author was a food reporter  in the Twin Cites during the 50s through 70s and has written many cookbooks.  I love this book and use the recipes quite often.  And in case you're wondering, many of them DO NOT require canned cream soups!

So, today will be filled with activities other than sewing, although I'd like to finish the yellow polkadot doll dress if I can. If not, it will be done by tomorrow night.  And I'd like to begin making the placemats if there's time for that.  And lest we not forget, "Snow Happens" still needs to  be finished off.

As do the two needle cases that I've embroidered.

So, my day looks like it will be full of things to do. What about yours?

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