Thursday, February 23, 2017

Decompression time!

I'm exhausted! All I'll say about the past 2 days is:  Little boy with ADD; Inattentive parent; Same little boy who's never been taught the basics of manners.

I've stated several times that I use these blog posts to focus on the positive things that happen in my life so I'm not going to go on a rant about our house guests, but on the other hand, there's little I can find positive about the visit.  So, enough of that. The guests departed this morning, and both Don and I simply sat on the couch for a while, neither of us speaking and both of us taking some deep breaths.

Before they arrived, I packed up all my sewing things and I'll not take them out again since we're leaving here first thing tomorrow morning.  When I wasn't entertaining, I did embroidery on Among the Pines, and am nearly finished with the second of the rectangular pieces.  I'll continue to work on this during our evenings on the road, and will resume my knitting while I'm sitting in the car.

In continuing to try to find positive things to write about, I'll share that we watched two Netflix movies that I enjoyed very much, despite constant interruptions by the child.  We saw "The Woman in Gold," starring Helen Mirren. Excellent movie about recovering this famous work of art by Austrian artist, Gustave Klimt.  This is the beautiful painting which is covered in gold leaf and is on permanent display at the Neue Gallery in New York, I believe.  Without giving away the plot too much, it revolves around the struggle of Maria Altman to recover this painting of her beloved aunt. The painting had been taken by the Nazis during their occupation of Austria and after WWII, given to the Austrian government, I plan on watching this again, without interruption this time!

Image result for the woman in gold

The other movie we watched again was excellent.  "The Finest Hours" is the account of the Coast Guard's most daring sea rescue, and it's a nail biter from start to finish.  I have a friend who made a career in the Coast Guard, and I wondered as I watched if he was ever involved in these kinds of dangerous rescues.  I'll have to ask him.  This is the second movie I've seen starring Casey Affleck, and I have to say, I was a little disappointed in his acting.  He played his character very much the same as he played hjs role in "Manchester by the Sea," and I'm wondering if he has the range of acting to become a truly great actor.  Time will tell, I guess.  Again, I will watch this movie again when I can concentrate on it and catch the nuances.  

The Finest Hours poster.jpg

I would recommend both of these movies, and I'm going to continue searching for higher quality movies on Netflix.  

This is about all I have to say today.  It's time to wrap this up and get moving on doing the laundry, packing up, running errands, and getting everything done in order to leave first thing tomorrow.  I probably won't be posting while we're traveling, but should be able to post on Monday, when we're back in our own home in Wisconsin. 

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  1. Y'all be safe Barb. Have a good trip home and may there be a clean restroom every time you need one. Lane