Tuesday, February 28, 2017

We made it back home to snowy Wisconsin!

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It feels so good to be back in my own Home Sweet Home!  We had excellent driving conditions and made such good time that we arrived here on Saturday night instead of Sunday afternoon, and I was happy!  And, yes, Lane, we had clean bathrooms at every stop!  Always a bonus.  It's taken a couple of days to get settled in here, since it seems strange to be here instead of at the beach cottage, but today, I feel right back in the routine.

Nothing really to post about. The past 2 days have been spent unpacking, getting groceries, and running errands. Today I'll tackle the mountain of mail that was held for us at the post office.  And I have appointments to make and other phone calls that I need to make.

And Mr. Clem has been demanding tons of attention since we returned. This is where I found him this morning when I wanted to take his picture:

We think Clem is 10 or 12 years old--getting up there in cat years--and he likes to stay warm in the winter. He's either under the covers of the bed, laying in the sunlight coming in through the door, or nestled by the heater behind the drapery.  

He's really my husband's cat since from the day he came to live with us, he's latched onto Don and prefers to be with him more than with anyone else.  Why do animals do that?  We had a Cocker Spaniel for 12 years that decided I was her favorite--even though I really don't like dogs much at all (sorry all you dog lovers)--and would be at my side no matter what. Many's the time I accidently stepped on her poor toes when she was, literally, underfoot!  Well, now it's Don's turn to be the adored God of the Cat.  With Don leaving in 2 days to spend 14 days in Maine, I'm not sure what Clem will do. Have to cuddle with me, I guess, and settle for second best!

I put my stuff in the sewing room but haven't been back there to unpack yet. Maybe I'll get to it today and get my machine set up again.  I have continued to work on Among the Pines and have started stitching the last block. 

That's it for today. Got to get going on making those phone calls. 

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