Friday, February 17, 2017

Oops! Its a double post!

I just now posted what I'd written yesterday. I must have clicked on save instead of publish so, it's a day late.  Sorry about that.

I'll just update you on my quilting progress from yesterday.  I was quite busy--I decided I had to do some housekeeping since I'd neglected it for too long. So it was an hour or so before I sat down at the machine.  I was able to assemble and attach the two side borders on the quilt before I stopped for the day.

So far I'm happy with this border, and I'm pretty sure I have enough of the colored fabrics to make up the other two sides.  By the end of the day, this UFO will be finished and ready for sandwiching and quilting when I get home.  Whoo Hoo!

As I've worked on this quilt, I've noticed several errors that are bothering me.  One of the string pieced blocks isn't stitched accurately to the aqua blocks and I think it's that way because the seam allowance is a little off. Just gazing at the quilt you don't notice it, but now that I've seen it, I will always see it.  However, I'll leave it as is.  I had thought of donating this to my friend's charity auction, but now I don't think so.  Actually, this will look very nice in my sun porch at home. The room is pretty much browns and taupe and this will really give a nice pop of color.  As well as being cozy to wrap up in on cool spring days and cool summer nights.  So, this one will stay at my house.

On the embroidery project, making good progress there as well.  I only have the back half of the moose (the "ass" end) to stitch up and this block will be done. And that will complete all the 6" blocks for this wall hanging.  

Yesterday I got word that my nephew and his son will be arriving on Monday or Tuesday so I have to finish up my sewing by then.  They plan on leaving on Thursday which is perfect since Don and I will pack up our stuff and load the car, getting ready to depart Friday morning. I checked the long range weather forecast and it looks as though we'll miss any storms. That's always a worry and especially this year since we have to be home in time for Don to fly to Maine on the 2nd of March.  

I'd better get back to stitching piano keys so I can call that quilt top finished.  

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  1. Love that RRCB. Wish I'd thought to try it in a different color. Be well and enjoy your company! Lane