Thursday, February 9, 2017

Spoiler Alert! Boring!

If you sense your brain getting near implosion stage, PLEASE STOP READING IMMEDIATELY!  Go on to another blog. Seriously, I won't mind.  

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Yesterday was such a gloomy, and consequently, boring day here.  I did nothing exciting and so have little to write about today. Remember, I decided to begin posting every day as a way to help me focus on the good things that happen in my life, but it's hard to find anything good in yesterday.  Other than that, it's over and done with, today's a new day, and it's sunny, cool, and not humid.

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I've been following politics and it's so easy for me to spend way too many hours with the TV on, listening to "newscasters" endlessly discuss what's happening in DC.  I call them "newscasters" but really, they should be called debate moderators, I think.  It takes an act of self discipline for me to turn it off and not get caught up in all the drama. Yesterday, I did okay in this area or should I say arena, as in circus arena.  :o)

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I worked on Jo's T shirt quilt and managed to frame up the two smaller blocks that were left to do.  My goal was to get that third column of blocks attached to the other two columns and then the center would be finished and would only need the border attached.  Well, whoops! As I was pinning the third column, I got to the end and discovered I needed to add an additional inch to one of the framed blocks.  This was just before I needed to begin getting dinner ready.  I just folded the whole thing up and decided to take care of it in the morning.  I was so discouraged by this. I had my hopes pinned on getting this thing done and off my To-Do list, but alas, it was not to be.

On the positive side, I'm pleased with how the small blocks came out.  In the block below, I began with a strip measuring 12.5 by 3 inches and made the checkerboard sides and finished it off with the red strips. Don't ask me what the writing is--it's in Bulgarian or Krygyz and I have no idea, but Jo does, and that's what counts since it's her shirt and quilt.  :))

The other block was again, very small--6" square.  This was taken from her skydiving adventures just after she graduated from college. Made my mother's heart beat a little faster, waiting to hear that she was back on the ground! I used HST on this block and I don't like how the corners came out. I'd wanted the red triangles to be on the outside since the sashing is made of the same light fabric but for some reason, the corners look funny to me. I doubt it'll bother Jo, so I'm good with it.

Oh, I just thought of another positive thing from yesterday. I got the laundry done and Don folded the clothes this morning, so I have clean undies to wear today.  Yea! That's always a good thing, dont'cha know?

I also realized last night when I put down my embroidery that I'd made very good progress on the bear block and with luck and effort, I should have that one finished by bed time tonight.  

Well, I'm sorry to have such a boring post today. I'll try to do better tomorrow. I know I'll be celebrating the finish of the T shirt quilt center--unless there's another glitch. And there better not be!

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