Sunday, February 5, 2017

Quilt Show!

Yesterday was spent at the quilt show in Robertsdale, AL, near the area where I'm staying. I went with my friend, MaryAnn, and what a great time we had!  Both of us are "snowbirds" here in the Gulf and don't know many, if any, people down here. We met last year at a Bonnie Hunter workshop we both happened to attend and we seemed to hit it off. Throughout the year, we kept in touch by email and when I learned she was here again this winter, and she wanted to take in this show, well, nothing more needed to be said.

Although I had my phone with me, I forgot to take many pics, so this post will not have many.  There were over 400 quilts displayed in the church, including a featured quilter, Karen Schutt, who we had the opportunity to meet. She had dozens of quilts in her exhibit, and they were all pretty darn spectacular.  The only one that I took a photo of was this Santa table runner that I thought was really cute and which I would like to make for myself.

Sorry for the poor quality of the picture, but this was hung near the ceiling and I had to crop it quite a bit.  I asked Google to find this pattern for me and it's for sale at Erica's, and I think I just might have to buy a copy of it.  Do you think this would sell in my Etsy shop? I think it will.

Back to the quilt show. This quilt caught my eye because of the tiny piecing.  It's a bed size quilt and made of of hundreds of 9 Patches alternating with neutral squares. It is amazing!

Here's a close up of some of the blocks.  I didn't have a way to show the size of these squares, but I estimate the colored patches finished at 1/2" so the neutral blocks would be 4 1/2" square.  I've been making 9 patches as leaders and enders for the past several years, using 1 1/2" unfinished squares, and I periodically assemble them into a quilt I've worked on for the same amount of time. I think I could make these tiny 9 patches as well.  But for sure, I'll be strip sewing them and not trying to stitch 1" blocks together!  I just thought this quilt was worthy of trying to duplicate.  

This batik quilt also caught my eye because of the colors the quilter used.  The picture shows the colors as more intense than they really were. They were more pastel than shown here. I don't think the design is anything to write home about but I really liked the colors.

And that's all the pics I took. Imagine--out of 400 quilts, I came home with pics of only 3!  I'm truly not much of a photographer, for sure.  I get involved in looking at the quilts and forget to take out the camera.

We had to stop by the vendors and I found a pattern for a quilt I want to make using my collection of oriental fabrics which I've had for 10 years or so, waiting for the right pattern. No more excuses now, I guess. I also found a couple of fat quarters to add to my collection of Civil War repro fabrics--like I really need to add more!

MaryAnn and I had a very good lunch at the show and on our way back home, we stopped at "Fabric by the Pound."  What a store that turned out to be! A warehouse of all sorts of fabrics, especially quilting cottons, but I found nothing to take home with me.  It was fun just seeing all they had to offer tho.

And then we were back at our starting point.  We enjoyed each other's company so much, we've made tentative plans to explore the nearby nature preserve trails sometime in the next week or two.  Like I told MaryAnn, I would have gone to the show by myself anyway, but it's so much more enjoyable with a friend, and she agreed.

I remembered to ask at the show about getting an embroidery hoop and there is a place nearby that carries all sorts of stitching supplies--Al's Five and Dime--so I was able to get a plastic hoop that will do while I'm here, but as soon as I return home, I'll be ordering a new wooden hoop.  The plastic ones don't hold the fabric as taut as I like while the wooden one did, but at least I was able to continue stitching last night.

Not much on the agenda today.  I have pizza ready for Super Bowl time, and Don will watch the game while I retreat to the other room and watch my beloved Masterpiece Theater.  I'll be working on Jo's T shirt quilt today and will make time to take a little walk this afternoon when the temps get a little bit warmer. And there will be photos this time.  Promise.

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