Friday, February 10, 2017

First February Finish!

Actually, it's the second finished UFO for February, but I really like the alliteration.  Sorry if I misled you.

This is the finished center of Jo's T shirt quilt. I managed to fix that one block that came up too small the day before, and now it's all put together. Here it is laid out on a queen sized bed, plenty long, but a little skinny.

Here are the 3 blocks on the lower left side,

three in the lower center,

and the three on the lower right column.

These two blocks are at the top left, 

two in the top center,

And the two at the top right, making 15 blocks all together.

For the most part, I'm quite pleased with the quilt.  However, I've given some thought to the size of it and I think I'll add 6" borders on each side but not on top or bottom, making it a little more square and less rectangular.  I'll use the same border fabric for the binding and that will be the border on top and bottom. What do you think?  I also considered putting a narrower border on top and bottom, but I don't think that will do the job unless the border is significantly narrower and I don't think that would look good.It would be 6" on the sides and 2" on the top.  Keep in mind that the entire center is surrounded by sashing and posts, so it's not like the blocks are right at the edges. Please let me know what you would do--I really would like to know what you think I should do with this.

I also made up another of the 182 Solstice Challenge block, shown here. Can you see the oops?  I never did until I pasted the pic into this blog, and then it popped right out!  Not a big problem,  A little dancing by the seam ripper and it'll be easy to restitch,  in the right way, I hope! This blocks again uses the pale green as the light and I chose a yellowy-green for the contrast, keeping to my plan to alternate red and green blocks with the pale green as the constant. Other than the mistake, I'm liking this block.  

Today dawned sunny and cool, and Don and I will be leaving for Pensacola in a little bit.  In addition to going to the quilt shop, we'll be exploring Santa Rosa Island and having a meal at McGuire's Irish Pub.  We stopped there last year and had just amazing Irish food and can't wait to return. It's definitely a tourist place, but a lot of fun. The walls are papered with dollar bills people have stuck up over the years. And the website promises, "Feasting Imbibery & Debauchery."  Sounds interesting, to say the least!

Wish me luck finding the border and backing fabrics for Jo's quilt, as well as some pony fabric I want to use in the Pony Club quilt I want to make for my granddaughter, Lily, who loves riding.  If I remember, I'll take photos of the "Feasting" and "Imbibery" at McGuire's but I'll spare you pics of "Debauchery," okay?

And please help me figure out what to do about the skinniness of the T shirt quilt.

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