Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Oh, Oh! Burn Out!

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Switch out the copier for a sewing machine and this is me!

I think I overdid it in the sewing area while I was on the Gulf. I worked on multiple projects almost every day, and now I can't bring myself to go into the sewing room and get started on anything.  I think I'm burned out!  Yesterday, again, no stitchery occurred except for the everlasting embroidery on Among the Pines. To be fair, I've been doing chores in the house which was neglected for 5 weeks so I haven't been just sitting around, eating bon bons and watching soaps!  Tomorrow, I plan on picking up my newer machine from the "spa" and getting her back in her place in my sewing table, all cleaned, oiled, and hopefully, with her stitch tension adjusted so I can actually use her without getting all frustrated!

Early tomorrow morning, I'm taking Don to the airport so he can fly to Maine and spend 14 days with granddaughter Lily while her mother, Tessa, goes to Las Vegas for a conference.  Don't slap me for saying this, but I'm ready for him to be gone for awhile!  I know, I know, I shouldn't be talking like this, but it's the truth.  Remember, we've spent the last 5 weeks with each other, only separating when Don went to play golf, 2 or 3 times a week.  When we're at home, we don't spend that much time together--he has his things to do as do I, and we have a rather large house, so some days we don't see each other from between breakfast and dinner.  So, I'm ready for a break, and I'm sure he is too.  During the 45 years we've been married, we've often taken vacations from each other, and find it to be refreshing.  We've talked about this and we both enjoy the first 2 or 3 days of being alone, but then it starts getting pretty lonely and we're both glad to see the other when they arrive back home. Fourteen days is the longest we've been apart, so I expect I'll be really ready for him to get back home when he does. Don will be fine since he has Lily to do things with and they're meeting Tessa in Boston when she flies back so he'll get to see some things in Boston, which he's never visited before.

While Don's away, I plan to get down and dirty and make progress in the sewing room. I also have big plans to redo my bathroom--I want to paint the vanity and the walls and freshen everything up a bit. Right now, we're still living with the colors that were in the room when we bought the house 3 years ago.  Didn't like the color then and really don't like the color now!  So it's time for a change.

The color of the wall in the picture above is quite true to what it actually is--a dull grey/green that sometimes looks green/brown. When we moved in, the entire interior of the house was this color except for the living room.  Don's painted everything except the bedrooms and the bathrooms and we hope to get them done before summer when Lily arrives to stay with us.

This is the original custom vanity that was built with the house. It's a really beautiful piece, very well made of oak and then just stained.  I want to paint it to give it a more contemporary feel--I'm thinking of either a glossy dark chocolate brown or charcoal gray.  But seeing it in this picture, I suddenly have second thoughts.  Maybe I should paint the walls first and see how the vanity looks with a different, lighter color in this room.

I also want to take down this large mirror--Hello, Selfie!--and paint the frame, regardless if I paint the vanity or not.  As for the walls, I'm still undecided.  In the past, I've opted for off white or cream--very safe, you know--but now I'm thinking of an extremely pale gray. The counter top is a speckled cream with gray and taupe bits, so I want to bring that out.  Or maybe I should go with a real color to give the small room a pop!  And, I'll get a new shower curtain and towels as well.  I'm excited to get to work on this room.  I know it's going to look so much better with new colors in there!

I have guild meeting next tuesday and I'm giving a demo on how to attach a border to a quilt, so I better get moving on that.  And maybe, just maybe, I'll step into the sewing room for a bit as well!

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  1. Hope you made lots of progress with your plans this last week. Sounds like between the sewing and the painting you were really busy.