Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day had always been a big deal in my family when I was growing up.  My parents immigrated from Germany at the beginning of the 20th century and they brought with them the concept that when people joined together--for many things--they were better off and more powerful than when they functioned as individuals.  So, I'm a union member and supporter--have been since my college days.

Today we celebrate the laborers of this country and ironically, many of us will hit the malls and do some shopping!  I confess, the thought crossed my mind, but, no, I'll stay home today.  Yesterday, while I was lounging around and trying not to cough and sneeze, I watched several documentaries on public television having to do with union activity in the early days of mining in MN, MI and WV.  It's really horrible to see the conditions under which people worked, and the struggles--literally life and death struggles!--they had to endure to gain even the bare minimum of benefits.  Benefits that we used to take for granted but now are being eroded as the strength of the unions is eroding.  I thought this picture was a good one to post on this national holiday.

Image result for labor union images

So, Happy Labor Day to everyone who happens to read this post.  I hope you enjoy your day off from work and have a grand time doing whatever you choose.

As for me, I will be in the sewing room today. I avoided it yesterday as I wanted to see if a day of rest would help me conquer this head cold, and I actually do feel a little better today.  All I did yesterday was rest and began knitting another little doll sweater.  Today, the borders go on this quilt.  

I think I'll use the little pinwheel blocks that I'd made from scraps either on the back or make them up into a doll blanket.  We'll see how it goes as far as making a backing for this one.  

So, that's it for today.  

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