Thursday, September 15, 2016

Still no package

Well, it's Thursday night, 12 days after I placed my order for fabric and a specialty ruler that I need to begin quilting a donation quilt.  And no package in sight.  Sigh.  I sent an email to "customer service" so now let's see what kind of service this customer gets.

While I'm waiting to get the ruler, I made some nightgowns for the little dollies and I made 2 of the four shoulder heat wraps that I need to do, and then I decided to begin making the Quilt of Valor that I need to get finished in time for the Festival (and Veterans Day) in November.  I've made nearly all the blocks with red squares and I have almost half of the blue star blocks finished.  I've liked each of the blocks as I made it, especially the blue stars, but I really like it laid out on the floor.

I got the pattern on line at Mary Quilts Of course, I made it scrappy but I still had to buy a couple of yards to complete it. Of course, I made it scrappy but I still had to buy a couple of yards to complete it. Mary's quilt finishes a little shy of the size the QOV organization prefers, so I had to decide between adding borders or making more blocks.  This time, I chose to add more blocks so there won't be any borders on this quilt. I plan on making a scrappy blue binding and I have some red and blue fabrics that I can use for the backing.  

So, that's more pressure on me!  I think I'll go to my neighbor who's a long arm quilter and ask her to do the quilting since I think I'll just not have time.  

I was at a meeting this morning with the two Veterans Service Officers to plan out how we'll present the quilts and between the three of us, we came up with a pretty good plan, I think.  They have no shortage of veterans who would benefit from and who would appreciate getting a quilt so I suggested that whether or not we have another Festival, that we should present QOV every year to the veterans.  I'll work on that idea when I have time--after the Festival!

Sadly, I've neglected my gardening chores but I hope to have some time tomorrow to get back at that weeding job.  We'll see. I'd rather be making a quilt top!  :)

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