Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Yesterday . . .

Well, yesterday flew by me and I only realized this morning that I hadn't posted.  I'm trying to post something every day. When  I have to think about my days, it makes me appreciate the good things that have happen and that's the way I want to live.

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But yesterday wasn't the best of days for me. Excuse me if I rant a little.  Just have to get this off my chest.  I went to a planning meeting last night about the upcoming Quilt Tour, part of the Festival. I've been to many of these meetings over the years and usually with the same people involved.  Last night, one of the members there returned after having missed the last 2 or 3 meetings.  I'd noticed in the past that she seemed to single me out for criticism of one thing or the other every time the group met. Last night was no different. She latched onto me like a leech and wouldn't let up until I finally had to be forceful.  Ugh!  I hate that!  She had questions about the Festival Facebook group and wouldn't accept the decisions that had been made by the Festival group. (She's not part of the Festival planning group, only one of the events of the Festival so she had no input in the Facebook decisions.) She kept questioning and questioning the decisions that had been made and wouldn't accept my responses until I finally looked her straight in the eye and told her the decision had been made and that was that!  As I was walking out at the end of the meeting, one of the other members told me she was about ready to slap that woman's face!  So I guess it's not just me that thought she was out of line!  Oh, I just hate it when people are so nit picky!

Enough of that rant and on to other things. No, my craftsy order didn't arrive.  I browsed the customer service part of their website and discovered that they expect shipping to be up to 10 days after the order's "processed," not placed. What's with that!  Usually when I order off the internet, which I admit isn't that often, my purchase arrives in 5 days or less.  So I continue to wait.  If there's a place where I can review this experience with Craftsy, believe me, I will.  As you can tell, I have mastered the art of ranting!

Other than these things, which really are as my Peace Corps daughter says, "Third World Problems,"  the day was very fine. I got another section of my flower garden weeded and when I finish with this I'll go out there for another hour or so.  I'd post pictures of my progress but I'm too ashamed at how I've neglected the garden this summer.

I also finished another flannel dolly nightgown, the blue one this time, and began making a second shoulder heating pad.  Today, my goal is to finish up that project so I have all four finished.

So, this is how today is going to be for me--whether or not I get a package in the mail!  I hope you have a grin this big yourself!

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  1. So we have been having a similar week. I work with a couple of those pushy types. They are completely clueless. I order from Craftsy frequently. I never had a problem in receiving orders in a timely manner...usually 5 business days or so. Maybe it is stock, but they should let you know that. Good luck with it.